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CPAP Club’s Experience with SmartrMail’s Assisted Setup

Based in North Lakes, Queensland, CPAP Club is one of Australia’s leading suppliers of CPAP equipment. 

CPAP, short for continuous positive airway pressure, refers to a range of machines, masks, and accessories that help people with conditions such as sleep apnea achieve a better night’s sleep. 

In addition to offering an extensive range of different types of masks and machines at competitive prices, CPAP Club also pays special attention to after-sales support. 

This allows them to take a holistic approach to their mission of making people’s journeys with sleep apnea easier. 

Achieving this mission has been helped with email marketing set up through SmartrMail’s Assisted Setup program.

CPAP Club’s approach to email marketing

There are three main types of emails that CPAP Club sends on a regular basis: cross-sells, scheduled reminders for when parts need replacing, and tips on using the equipment. 

In addition to these automated emails, CPAP Club also sends out regular newsletters to keep their list engaged. 

The advantage of the automated emails is that they only had to be set up once after which they’re sent out to customers at the optimal point in the customer lifecycle. 

And while setting up a large number of automations at once might seem like a daunting task, the Assisted Setup program provided the support CPAP Club was looking for.

Example of a cross-sell email from CPAP Club

Example of a cross-sell email from CPAP Club

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Why CPAP Club signed up for the Assisted Setup program

While CPAP Club’s Head of E-Commerce, Lily, had some previous experience with email marketing, it had been a while since she last set up any e-commerce email automations. 

“The last time I was heavily involved in email marketing was 7 years ago with an e-commerce store.”

This had her wondering about questions like: 

What works? What kind of discount should we give? What kind of follow up should we give? Do we give the discount in the first email or the second email?“

But with her previous experience, she knew that email marketing held massive potential that CPAP Club could harness beyond just sending manual newsletters. 

“Before [we signed up for the Assisted Setup] I’d gone in and created a couple of newsletters but I knew there was a whole framework that needed to go in and I just didn’t have the time to get in and initiate the framework and just have that headspace to think about ‘okay, how do we set up a cross-sell? How do we set up a segment for that cross-sell?’.”  

So instead of spending the time learning about the best retention automations to set up and what the best practices for them are, she decided to sign up for the Assisted Setup program. 

“I guess when you’re looking at all of these different things, it’s a case of ‘where do you start?’, and that’s where the Assisted Setup was awesome for us.”

Example of a part replacement reminder email.

Example of a part replacement reminder email.

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How the Assisted Setup program helped

Getting their first newsletter out was an easy and straightforward process for CPAP Club thanks to SmartrMail’s visual email composer and features like our product lookup tool that lets you add products along with an image, description, and price in a single click. 

“Setting up the newsletter–that was no problem. The design template was easy.” 

Where the Assisted Setup program became useful was in unlocking the full potential and power of automated email marketing. 

To achieve this, Lily had direct access to a dedicated member of SmartrMail’s customer success team to help set up automations and explain the process. 

This meant she was taken through the process of how you should structure automations like cross-sells, how you set up the segments for them to ensure the right customers receive them, and how you automate them so that they send at the optimal time in a customer’s lifecycle. 

“It’s not that I couldn’t have done it, but time was a major factor. Instead of me having to make mistakes, I literally had someone I could ask. It took a lot of the complexity out of it.” 

Providing a foundation for CPAP Club to build upon

CPAP Club has dozens of automated emails set up. 

Instead of them all being created by SmartrMail through the Assisted Setup program, several templates for different types of automations were set up by the customer success team that Lily was able to customise later on. 

For the cross-sell emails, for instance, several automations were created at a product category level through the Assisted Setup program. This then allowed Lily to duplicate and customise them to create cross-sell emails for individual products at her own pace. 

“If I started from scratch I would’ve been ‘how do I create this email structure for a cross-sell? How do I break up those segments in useful ways?”

“So Nick started us off with two or three emails in each section, and now we’ve got about 30 to 40 automated emails set up and that’s a mixture of the tips, the retention emails, the cross-sell and the scheduled reminders.”

“So having those templates, I could just keep duplicating out those templates and replacing the products and tweaking the wording for each one.”

An example of one of CPAP Club’s tip emails

An example of one of CPAP Club’s tip emails

Why the Assisted Setup program was the perfect fit for CPAP Club

One of the questions Lily had about the Assisted Setup program was whether it would suit CPAP Club’s needs. 

Especially given the unique nature of CPAP equipment, there was a concern that the emails would be too generic as SmartrMail’s customer success team doesn’t share the same level of industry knowledge. 

“One of my concerns initially with the Assisted Setup was ‘is this going to be too generic?’ or ‘is this going to be really hard for me to get the copy to SmartrMail?’”

However the Assisted Setup program isn’t about creating all your emails entirely from start to finish for you.

“[The Assisted Setup] was about SmartrMail getting me the framework, answering the questions about the details that were custom to our business.”

“There’s a lot of intricate detail that you want to be doing in-house rather than just handing the whole job over to someone else. So [the Assisted Setup program] kind of met me halfway, this is a kind of structure, but then I can build them in-house with our expert knowledge.”

“The interface was perfect for me.”

SmartrMail’s integration with Neto

CPAP Club’s online store is built on Neto’s ecommerce platform, which is one of the several platforms that SmartrMail integrates closely with along with Shopify, WooCommerce, and BigCommerce. 

Integrating closely with these platforms enables the kind of automated email marketing that CPAP Club has set up. 

“The integration is excellent. I think that’s a major benefit of working with SmartrMail.” 

“There really isn’t anything that competes for Neto. You’re not paying $2,000 a month for agency services who don’t know your business very well.” 

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The results

It’s still early days seeing as CPAP Club has only recently finished the Assisted Setup program, but already they’re receiving encouraging results. 

“Our scheduled emails for our sales are just starting to hit off and we are seeing results.” 

“We’re just hitting that timeline where they start kicking in for our previous purchasers. And we’re getting sales from them. People are buying from our automated emails.”

As part of the program, CPAP Club also set up a welcome series that included review request emails that are starting to bear fruit. 

“So we’ve found that we’re getting likes on our Facebook page so people are engaging with [the welcome emails]. We’re starting to get Google reviews. We had not done anything to set up our Google reviews prior to that.“

“We’re getting results from them. Really good results.”

“I would recommend to anyone thinking of getting started with email marketing, but is limited with resources to focus on this aspect of your business, don’t waste any more time. Take advantage of the Assisted Setup program, you will be surprised how easy the SmartrMail team makes it to get up and running, you won’t regret it.”

Thinking about signing up for the Assisted Setup program?

If you’d like help setting up email marketing that works for your unique business needs like CPAP Club received, you should consider signing up for the Assisted Setup program.

As part of the add-on program, you’ll have a dedicated member of SmartrMail’s customer success team work with your store for up to 3 months to develop customized automations and ensure you’re using the full power of email marketing.

Before signing up for anything, you’ll receive a free one-on-one consultation to assess your needs and determine whether the program is suitable for your store. 

You can learn more about our Assisted Setup program and our other add-on services here

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