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Thinking of making the switch to SmartrMail or one of the other Neto Mail alternatives? Take a look at our slightly biased view at how each platform stacks up.

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Finding the perfect email marketing platform for your ecommerce store can be tricky. We’re here to help you out with our comparison of Neto Mail and SmartrMail. Whether you’re a Neto store starting out and shopping around for the right email marketing platform, or looking to switch from Neto Mail, you’ll want to weigh up your options. To assist you in deciding which platform is best for you, we’re here to provide you with some information on how Neto Mail stacks up against SmartrMail.

1) Neto Mail won't deliver your emails

There’s no denying that Neto is a great all-in-one platform to set up your ecommerce store on. They’ve described themselves as “a complete solution for ecommerce, point-of-sale, inventory and fulfilment”, and we agree!

On the other hand, their email marketing platform Neto Mail leaves much to be desired. Because Neto Mail isn’t authenticated properly, your emails aren’t going to be delivered properly. Regardless of ESP features if your emails don’t land in inboxes you won’t get sales.

At SmartrMail we take deliverability seriously and have partnered with Mailgun for our sending infrastructure to make sure all your emails get in front of customers and get you sales.

2) SmartrMail is fully integrated with Neto

Neto Mail is a decent platform if all you want to do is send a newsletter that updates your subscribers, but if you want to make sales you’re going to want to switch to SmartrMail.

By fully integrating with Neto we let you leverage all your purchase, product, and customer data to send targeted and personalised emails that your customers will love and buy from.

3) SmartrMail will generate you a better ROI

All our plans at SmartrMail our priced competitively given our stronger feature set and on average our users have a $45 ROI for every $1 they spend on SmartrMail. While our advanced and enterprise plans cost more than Neto Mail they both offer world-class support to help you be the best email marketer you can be.

Number of Customers Neto Mail Cost Per Month (AUD) SmartrMail Basic Cost Per Month (AUD)
200 $5 $45
1,000 $30 $51
5,000 $70 $81
50,000 $379 $419
100,000 $599 $794

4) SmartrMail offers sales tracking

Because we focus on ecommerce email marketing, SmartrMail recognizes that it’s important to be able to track your sales from email. As such, SmartrMail allows you to track the revenue you’ve earned from your email campaigns and orders, as well as the total revenue earned through email marketing with us.

Ecommerce Email Marketing

To be fair, Neto Mail offers you basic insights on your email campaigns, such as opens and clicks as well. But without any information on sales, there’s no way of knowing how successful your email campaign has been. Having these sales insights are important, and will allow you to make sure every campaign you send is better than the last.

5) It’s so much quicker to design emails with SmartrMail

Forget spending half a day creating an email with Neto Mail. With SmartrMail you’ll be sending emails and making sales in minutes.

Through our deep Neto integration, SmartrMail can pull products straight from your site complete with images, prices, information and links. All you have to do is use our product lookup to add products to your newsletter in seconds.

Easy Email Design

6) SmartrMail’s support is like having an email marketer on your team

Based in Melbourne, SmartrMail offers personalized and live support for our users. This can be anything from getting set up with your email marketing, to assistance with strategy, to technical enquiries.

Even though we’ve tried to make SmartrMail as easy to use as possible, we understand that our users might need some help from time to time. You can contact us for support by arranging a call, via email or by sending us a message if you ever need assistance.

Support Chat

7) Neto Mail is no longer being improved

At SmartrMail we’re a fast growing business and are striving every day to hyper-personalize e-commerce email marketing and get our users more sales. Every feature we build is based on user feedback and we’re working closely with Neto and their stores to make SmartrMail the ultimate email marketing app for Neto stores.

Wouldn’t you rather use an email marketing platform that is looking towards the future or one that is stuck in the past?

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