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Shipping Update: SmartrMail’s 2018

2018 was year full of growth and learning at SmartrMail. As the last emails go out and our users have their happy customers open their products on Christmas, it’s a great time to pause and reflect on what we accomplished this year before diving into the road ahead.

What We Shipped

Product Recommendations with Super Powers

This year we continued towards our mission of giving every store the personalization power of Amazon’s email marketing.

We launched a fully updated product recommendation engine with new functionality around content filters and recommendation types.

The best part though: In 2018 our stores saw 8.5x more revenue per email when sending product recommendation emails compared to their general email newsletters.

For a full write up on how you can use these emails, visit our support docs.

Stopped Email Overload

With all the automations our stores were sending to perfect the customer journey, it was easy for them to accidentally overload their subscribers’ inboxes achieving the opposite intended effect.

Halfway through the year we launched our Smart Send Frequency feature which ensured our users could get the most out of SmartrMail without having to worry that their users might end up with too many emails in their inboxes.

Smart Send Frequency

More info on our Smart Send Frequency and how it works can be found within our support documentation.

Extended Our Functionality to Social

We might hear an obituary every year, but email still isn’t dead after 2018. However as marketers, how we use email continues to change. Throughout the year we’ve seen more and more marketers ditch the email newsletter all together and move towards thought-out automations and personalized product recommendations.

Marketers then take their email targeting as a base and apply the same to their social ads. This year we made this easy in SmartrMail by integrating our Smart Segments with Facebook Custom Audiences. Allowing our users to run the same targeted campaigns across email, Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook Custom Audience Integration

Integrated With Neto

While we technically launched a Beta in 2017, we fully launched our integration with Neto this year. It’s been a great opportunity working with Australian businesses who are selling amazing products all across the country and across the world. We now serve over 200 Neto stores across Australia and New Zealand.


Who Jumped on Board

This year we added 2 new full-time faces to the team with Aaron joining our Marketing team in Melbourne and Aidas joining our development team in Lithuania. With more hands on deck we’ve been able to get more great content out to our users and ship more product.

Aaron + Aidas

Along with the two new additions, Nicolas and Marius also joined the team full-time. Bringing our total headcount to 11.

Whats next in 2019?

Next year, we’re excited to further build upon our mission of making email personalization easy for every e-commerce store. Early in the year we’ll be launching a fully rebuilt composer experience, along with dashboard composer integrations within Shopify. You’ll truly be able to compose emails faster than ever before.

From there we’ll be further simplifying popular automated flows, so anyone can replicate the same advanced sequences put in place by leading e-commerce brands in 5-minutes or less.

We’ll also be launching new integrations and further building upon our existing ones to help you align your marketing stack across multiple channels and provide a seamless customer experience for your most valued buyers.

We can’t wait to get started, see you in 2019!

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