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Klaviyo's pricing and complex automations are intimidating to most marketers. Learn why smart marketers choose SmartrMail for their email marketing.

SmartrMail vs Klaviyo
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6 Reasons SmartrMail is better than Klaviyo for your store

Better technical and strategy support than Klaviyo

Customers switching from Klaviyo to SmartrMail rave about our awesome support. Read our reviews!

We understand that not everyone is an expert email marketer or has the help of an agency. We provide world class support that helps you achieve your email marketing goals.

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Klaviyo Price comparison

SmartrMail is cheaper than Klaviyo

With Klaviyo's pricing quickly ballooning to hundreds if not thousands of dollars as soon as you grow your email list, it's hard to generate a good ROI. SmartrMail saves you money and our users generate $41 for every $1 spent on average.

The same powerful features as Klaviyo

There's no doubt that Klaviyo gives marketers the best flexibility when it comes to creating powerful flows.

However, that makes setting up standard best practices harder than it needs to be. We drill down on what you really need to do and make it dead simple to setup.

Easier Email Newsletters
Same Features as Klaviyo

Easier to use than Klaviyo

There's no denying that Klaviyo is a powerful tool for e-commerce. However not everyone needs all the bells and whistles.

We’ve designed SmartrMail so that you can implement core email automations in minutes. Setup product recommendations, welcome emails, winback campaigns and more without the hassle.

Send emails quicker than with Klaviyo

If you have to spend half a day designing your newsletter, you'll never have time to setup powerful automations that get more sales.

SmartrMail's composer adds your products in seconds, so you can spend more time on what matters.

Quicker email newsletters than Klaviyo
Install SmartrMail from app store

It's so easy to switch!

It only takes a few clicks from an app store to fully integrate SmartrMail.

If you need help migrating lists, designs or automations – our amazing support team can help do that as well!

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