Klaviyo vs SmartrMail

A slightly biased comparison of SmartrMail's superior email marketing app and the significantly more expensive Klaviyo.

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If you're looking for Klaviyo alternatives and on the platform now you're likely not getting enough ROI with their expensive pricing or you're fed up with the lack of customer support. Read on to see how we fix those pains and others at SmartrMail...

1) You get technical and strategy support with SmartrMail

Customers switching from Klaviyo to SmartrMail rave about our awesome support. We’re committed to making sure that you get more sales with your email marketing using SmartrMail. That’s why we check in with every single customer to proactively answer any questions or issues you may have. Your success is our success. Whatever your email marketing goals are, we'll help you get there.

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2) SmartrMail is cheaper than Klaviyo

SmartrMail’s affordable advanced pricing plan includes unlimited sending and only grows as your store grows. You can even test out all these features on a free 15 day trial, to see why our users have a $41 return on every dollar spent with us. Check out the pricing guide here:

Number of Customers Klaviyo Cost Per Month SmartrMail Advanced Cost Per Month
200 $25 $101
1,000 $50 $107
5,000 $200 $137
50,000 $700 $474
100,000 $1200 $849

Rather than hire an expensive sales team, we spend of great customer support and product development and let your email marketing success do the talking!

3) SmartrMail targets your customers for you.

You just paid thousands and now you have to pay an expert to set up your segmentation in Klaviyo. That's crazy!

Segmentation is so yesterday. We use let our fancy machine learning recommendation engine send the right prodcuts to the right customers. With SmartrMail, personalized emails deliver up to 167% more sales than untargeted email newsletters. No wonder we’ve generated more than $21 million in revenue for our customers!

Personalized Product Recommendations

SmartrMail’s advanced machine learning engine gets the right products in front of the right customers. SmartrMail analyzes your customers’ past purchases, cart additions, and email clicks and views. The result: 1-to-1 personalized emails automatically delivered to your customers. That’s the power of Amazon's email marketing right at your fingertips .

4) Compose emails faster than with Klaviyo

Don’t have all day to design emails? Tired of having to struggle your way through Klaviyo’s clunky and complex dashboards, to set up flows, segmentations and all sorts of features before you can start sending your first email?

SmartrMail is way simpler! You can send beautiful emails, segment your list, and set up automations in 5 minutes or less. Our pre-made content, intuitive design and product picker make good email marketing easy.

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5) SmartrMail makes it easier to get started.

As soon as you integrate your store with Klaviyo, you’re asked to input code into your store. Not so easy if you’re not the one running your web development.

With SmartrMail, there’s no coding required. We have 1 click install for Shopify and BigCommerce. Our straightforward getting started menu appears right on your dashboard so you can start getting more sales right away.

Easy Email Marketing

Within minutes you’ll be set up with awesome core features like automated product recommendation emails, abandoned cart recovery emails and smart segmentation, without having to navigate a maze of features you don’t need.

One more reason to switch from Klaviyo…

It’s really, really easy to switch from Klaviyo to SmartrMail.

Our support team will migrate your email lists, designs and automations for you!

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