Omnisend vs SmartrMail

A slightly biased comparison of SmartrMail's superior email marketing app and the inferior Omnisend.

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If you're thinking of signing up to Omnisend or are sending with Omnisend now and looking for an alternative, we want to help you determine your best option. Below you'll find our thoughts on why we believe SmartrMail is the better platform.

1) No segmentation restrictions on the basic plan

With Omnisend’s standard plan, you can only set up a maximum of ten segment lists. If you want any more, then you’re forced onto their pro plan. This severely limits your ability to set up automations and target the right people.

With SmartrMail, we let our basic plan users set up as many segments as they want using all the same rules available to those on the advanced plan.

2) More features included on the basic plan

In addition to only being able to have a maximum of ten segments at any one time on Omnisend’s standard plan, there are many other limitations too.

If you to send personalized product recommendations to your customers with Omnisend, you need to be on their pro plan. If you want to sync your email lists to Facebook custom audiences, you need to be on their pro plan. Want to use advanced segmentation rules? You guessed it - you need to be on their pro plan.

This effectively means that to achieve any decent email marketing with Omnisend, being on their pro plan is pretty much mandatory.

With SmartrMail, you can achieve all of the above without having to upgrade to a higher tier plan.

We believe you should all the tools necessary to get more sales regardless of the size of your store or budget.

3) SmartrMail’s advanced plan is cheaper than Omnisend’s pro plan

Despite needing to upgrade to Omnisend’s pro plan for features we have on our basic plan, Omnisend’s pro plan is more expensive than SmartrMail’s advanced plan.

This means you’ll be able to access SmartrMail’s advanced features and send an unlimited amount of emails to your subscribers without blowing your budget.

You can even test out all of our advanced plan features for free on our 15 day trial, letting you see for yourself why our users achieve an average return of $45 per dollar spent on SmartrMail. Check out the pricing guide here:

Number of Customers Omnisend Pro Cost Per Month SmartrMail Advanced Cost Per Month
200 $199 $101
1,000 $199 $105
5,000 $199 $135
50,000 $600 $473
100,000 $1190 $848

SmartrMail’s advanced machine learning engine gets the right products in front of the right customers. SmartrMail analyzes your customers’ past purchases, cart additions, and email clicks and views. The result: 1-to-1 personalized emails automatically delivered to your customers. That’s the power of Amazon's email marketing right at your fingertips .

4) It’s so much quicker to send emails with SmartrMail

Don’t have all day to design emails? Find Omnisend's multiple dashboards and segmentation rule connectors just a bit too complicated to deal with?

SmartrMail is much simpler!

You can send beautiful emails, segment your list, and set up automations in 5 minutes or less. Our pre-made content, intuitive design and product picker make good email marketing easy.

Don’t believe us? Check out this video

5) SmartrMail has great support

We’re committed to making sure that you get more sales with your email marketing using SmartrMail. That’s why we check in with every single customer to proactively answer any questions or issues you may have. Your success is our success.

We’re here for you with technical and strategy support, no matter what you need.

Email Marketing Support Team

One more reason to switch from Omnisend…

It’s really, really easy to switch from Omnisend to SmartrMail.

Our support team will migrate your email lists, designs and automations for you!

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