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Looking for a Constant Contact alternative for your e-commerce store? You're in the right place. Here's a not completely unbiased comparison of SmartrMail and Constant Contact.

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1) SmartrMail is solely focused on getting you more sales for your ecommerce store

There's no doubt Constant Contact do email marketing well and have been for a long long time.

But did you know that back when Constant Contact was founded, email was primarily used for reaching your friends not your customers. For Constant Contact users today the same holds true, with no deep integrations for popular e-commerce platforms like Shopify and BigCommerce, email marketing with Constant Contact isn't for making sales.

SmartrMail is 100% e-commerce sales focused that's why when you login the first thing you see is a real-time dashboard with all your sales and orders. Without a single click or file upload, your account is automagically loaded and constantly synced with your customers, products, and sales data.

Ecommerce Email Marketing

With no "Plus" plan necessary (and at a lower price), you've got access to powerful e-commerce email marketing and automation features – including our special sauce: Automated Product Recommendation Emails

Our advanced algorithms analyze each of your customers' past purchase history, browsing behaviour, and email clicks to send a personalized product recommendations straight into your customers' inboxes. These emails literally do your email marketing for you!

Included in your lower price are, automated abandoned cart emails, welcome emails, and a free email collection popup. Everything you need to get more sales for your store is right at your fingertips.

2) SmartrMail sends emails that get you sales

Your customers want personalized online shopping experiences. So why are you still sending the same product newsletter to your entire list or segments? SmartrMail helps you get the right products infront of the right customers by sending them 1-to-1 personalised emails through our deep integration with Shopify and BigCommerce.

Automated Product Recommendation Emails

Constant Contact doesn't collect any data on your customers' purchases or browsing behavior. That leaves you in the dark when it comes to knowing which products your customers are most likely to buy in your next email.

3) It's faster and easier to compose emails with SmartrMail

With Constant Contact you're lucky to get one email out a week having to manually upload your product images (while paying for data storage space!) and copy-paste your descriptions and links. SmartrMail automatically pulls your product from your Shopify or BigCommerce store complete with images, descriptions, and links – literally letting you add a product to your email in seconds.

All the products, images, and text you add to your emails are automatically put together in an easily customizable mobile-responsive email template – because no one likes spending hours composing and testing their emails.

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4) SmartrMail is cheaper than Constant Contact

Need e-commerce specific features that will get you more sales for your store? You'll have to upgrade to a Plus plan with Constant Contact. You'll even have to pay extra to add a simple Shopify list integration!

SmartrMail's affordable pricing plan includes unlimited sending and only grows as your store grows. You can even test out all these features on a free 15 day trial, to see why our users have a $41 return on every dollar spent with us. Check out the pricing guide here:

Number of Customers Constant Contact Email Plus Cost Per Month SmartrMail Basic Cost Per Month
200 $45 $32
1,000 $65 $42
5,000 $85 $54
10,000 $115 $79
50,000 $295 $279

5) You get a dedicated account manager with SmartrMail

We’re committed to making sure that you get more sales with your email marketing using SmartrMail. That’s why every customer regardless of size is assigned a dedicated account manager. Your success is our success.

Whether it's technical or strategy support – your account manager will be there to help.

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One more reason to switch from Constant Contact…

It's easy. Like 1 click easy.

With our 1 click Constant Contact list import tool you can import your entire subscriber list. It can even keep checking for new subscribers, so if you already set up email collection forms you can keep them running on Constant Contact, and they'll automatically appear in SmartrMail

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