8 Examples of SMS Marketing Campaigns

Here are some of our favourite examples of SMS Marketing campaigns. Want to boost your digital marketing efforts? SMS marketing could be just what you need to increase your marketing ROI. Over 70% of Australians aged 18-44 don’t have fixed-line phone service at home and only use a mobile phone. Thus making this an efficient method of digital marketing.

Why should SMS marketing services be part of your marketing strategy? Well, the majority of us have our phones within arms reach most of the day. Despite social media becoming more and more popular, communicating with someone via text is the most efficient method. 

This is the same for companies who want to connect with their customer base and engage with them on a personal level. SMS marketing is one of the top performing marketing channels for brands across all industries, with high open rates and immediate results.

SMS marketing is an efficient way to grab your audience’s attention. The average open time for a marketing text is 90 seconds. This is due to the fact that the majority of people say text is the number one reason for their phone use. With a text message only being a few taps away for your audience to read, your subscribers will prefer it as well.

Statistics show that SMS marketing is 6-8 times more engaging than email marketing. Here are 8 well thought out SMS marketing campaign ideas utilising sms marketing best practices to achieve their customer services results. 

1. Right people, right time

Bombers supporters received this amazingly executed SMS marketing campaign,on a recent game day, if they were likely to be going to the stadium. Targeting the right people at an optimal time, Essendon FC maximised their chances of improving their merchandise sales at the game!

SMS Marketing example happy birthday
SMS Marketing example happy birthday

Best of all, their audience is already highly engaged heading to cheer on their favourite Australian Football team, making this a great time to capitalise. 

2. Rewarding your customers for being signed up 

Oars + Alps messaged their subscribers regarding a new product. They gave them the inside scoop on a newly released product. Rewarding your customers this way, gives them a sense of privilege and reassures them that opting in to receive SMS marketing campaigns was in their best interests

SMS Marketing example
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3. Post Purchase Campaigns

Thanking customers after their purchase is a simple yet effective tool in the SMS marketing arsenal. Rainier Watch showers their customers with some solid love with this thank you text. If your brand links up with another organisation that also supports a good cause, we suggest dropping this to your customers also! 

SMS Marketing example rainier watch

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4. Offer promotions based on special events

We all like taking advantage of a good deal, so capitalise with promotions that occur around holidays, birthdays and other special events. Sending these types of SMS messages are cheap and can be personalised to increase engagement with each customer. Subscribers feel great about receiving a discount at their favourite store or a ‘buy one, get one free’ deal for dinner on their birthday.

SMS Marketing example happy birthday

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5. Time Sensitive Campaigns 

Surprising your customers with an awesome deal out of the blue is a fantastic way to keep your SMS list engaged. Having urgent offers encourages your customers to act now and compels them to stay subscribed. 

SMS Marketing example coffee company

The guys at Bones Coffee Company threw in a random prize with each purchase. This “everybody wins” SMS campaign also includes a call to action, encouraging customers to engage now.

6. Conversational Campaigns

It doesn’t always have to be a sales pitch when using SMS marketing. In fact, there are many ways you use SMS marketing. Check out how Maev uses this conversational message to connect with their customers for interviews. Other ideas for non-promotional messages are:

  • Supporting other brands
  • Booking a webinar
  • Reviews from customers
SMS Marketing example maev world
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7. Abandoned Cart Campaigns 

Give your customers a friendly reminder after a few days when they abandon their cart. SuperCoffee kicks it out of the park with this abandoned cart reminder, wasting no time explaining why they are messaging!  

SMS Marketing example super coffee

8. Consider your legalities!

You have to give your customers the opportunity to unsubscribe. Communication from businesses via text messaging, is classified as a ‘commercial electronic message’ and must conform to the Spam Act 2003, just like email marketing.
The three main points to consider are:

  • Consent from the recipient to receive SMS Marketing (express or inferred)
  • Correct identification of the Business (your business name)
  • An easy way to unsubscribe

With our email marketing templates, we include an unsubscribe link in the footer. However, in SMS marketing most businesses allow users to respond ‘STOP’  to unsubscribe.

As seen here, The Fox Hotel has covered themselves legally without detracting from the message

SMS Marketing example metricon

Using SMS Marketing will help you successfully build and maintain solid relationships with your customers. One of the first ways you might use text message marketing is to welcome the latest customers who have signed up for messages from you. 

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Remember, your customer must have opted into receiving marketing messages from you. You can’t SMS your subscribers unless they’ve given you this permission to contact them. 

As you can understand, mass texting to your customer base can be an excellent way to engage with your subscribers. Keeping them up to date with products and promotions, offering special deals for birthdays and so much more. 

Are you ready to step up your marketing game and start sending text messages? 

Next Steps

If you would like to unlock the power of SMS Marketing,and be able to communicate with your customers in a more direct and effective way, consider SmartrMail. For our pricing go here and to get started go here

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