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Send Smarter Emails with Recommended Product Blocks

Recommending the right product to the right customer at the right time has always been key to making more sales. 

That’s why personalized product recommendations have been at the heart of SmartrMail from the very beginning and have helped thousands of merchants grow their sales.

But for too long the ability to utilize these recommendations have been limited to our product recommendation and abandoned cart emails. 

That’s why we’re excited to announce recommended product blocks.

What are recommended product blocks and what do they do?

Recommended product blocks let you add a personalized product into the body of any email newsletter or automation. 

They behave just like regular product blocks, but instead of having to choose a product yourself, SmartrMail will automatically include the product your customer is most likely to purchase.

This is achieved through our machine-learning powered recommendation engine that analyzes customer data from your online store to automatically determine the best product to recommend to each customer.

You can add recommended product blocks the same way you select any other type of block when composing a newsletter or automation.

adding a recommended product block in smartrmail

You can also control which products can and cannot be recommended with product feeds

This lets you, for example, to only recommend products from your Mother’s Day collection in your Mother’s Day email.

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How recommended product blocks can help your email marketing

Recommended product blocks open up a variety of new opportunities not only to improve the effectiveness of your email campaigns but also makes composing emails faster.

We know that personalized recommendations both increase the number of conversions from emails as well as the average order value. So not only do they result in more people purchasing from your store, but these customers are also sending more than they would’ve otherwise.

They can also help keep your automations fresh and customized for each individual subscriber. 

For example, instead of just creating a win-back automation that contains a generic “we miss you, come back” message, you can now personalize it with recommended products. 

You can then set this recommended product block to the pre-made ‘new arrivals’ product feed so it only recommends new products to entice customers back to your store. 

You’ll also be able to save time setting up campaigns by no longer needing to manually choose which products to include. 

This can be particularly useful with your cross-sell automations where instead of having to think about which products to cross-sell yourself, you can simply include a product recommendation block in the email. 

More possibilities are coming soon

While being able to recommend products from your product feeds in any newsletter or automation opens up plenty of opportunities, we’re working on even smarter product blocks. 

Soon you’ll be able to dynamical product blocks which will be able to display:

  • Your customer’s last product purchased
  • Products within the same last collection purchased
  • Products with the same last variant purchased

We’ll keep you posted once these options are live! 

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