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How SmartrMail Helps Bearings Express Automate their Email Marketing

Bearings Express is a fully independent and Australian-owned retailer and distributor of bearings and associated automotive products. 

What started off as a bricks-and-mortar store in Capalaba, Queensland in 2012 has now become one of Australia’s most reputable and trusted online automotive stores.

And email marketing has played no small role in this growth. 

How Bearings Express makes the most of SmartrMail

Having their online store built on Neto’s ecommerce platform, Bearing Express installed SmartrMail a couple of years ago.

Because SmartrMail, unlike other email apps, is fully and natively integrated with the Neto platform (you don’t need any third-party connector), Bearings Express is able to make full use of their sales and customer data in their email marketing.

As Tracie Rendell, director of Bearings Express, says:

“I set the email marketing up once and it goes off. The tools are all there, subscribers are segmented, so I can completely target what is needed.” 

With the help of SmartrMail’s pre-made email templates and automations, Bearings Express has set up and enabled an impressive number of different email automations over the years. 

One of the ones they have recently set up is a replenishment email campaign that targets past customers when their automotive parts need replacing. 

“These automotive parts need replacing every two years. This is quite a long time and I don’t know about you, but in relation to my own purchases online, I’m scrambling trying to find where I purchased last time.”

“I actually appreciate a reminder email so I don’t have to go looking for this information. I just press a button to repurchase.” 

And with SmartrMail Bearings Express is able to set up this exact same email automation for their store. Helping them keep their customers engaged, improve the customer experience, as well as generate repeat purchases. 

“I’m really excited about this automation. I have one of these segments already created to help pick up customers who aren’t yet engaged.” 

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It’s not just email automations that make up their strategy

In addition to Bearing Express’ impressive automation setup, they still engage with their customers by sending email newsletters. 

To Tracie, email newsletters are essential to ensure you maintain a positive relationship with your customers. 

“I think people can get a feel for just being a number being automated to, as opposed to truly being of value and sharing something that would interest them.” 

It’s this combination of setting up best-practice email automations while still sending valuable and engaging newsletters that has greatly benefited the business. 

“It’s completely increased sales, established relationships and even dialogue with my customers. They feel more valued and I of course want them to feel valued. I want them to share their great purchase experience with me.”

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Advice for other businesses thinking about getting started with email marketing

Tracie has some final words of advice for other businesses who are either yet to start email marketing or are looking to ramp up their email strategy:

“I can confidently say go SmartrMail. Their support is there to truly help you do what you want to have done.” 

If marketing isn’t your thing, I’d invest in an information course too, so you can understand what you need to put in place, the importance of segments, what needs to be in the content, how often. A bit of basic understanding is all you need.”

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