Groove Warehouse’s switch from Klaviyo to SmartrMail

Gary is the man with a plan and drum sticks in his hand, behind Canberra’s – and possibly Australia’s – best multifaceted drum and percussion center. With an online store, a physical store, repair shop and education facilities, Gary and the team down at Groove Warehouse live for drums and percussion and their passion is evident. 

Groove Warehouse’s experience with Klaviyo

Like many other merchants, Gary started working with a marketing agency in 2021 with the aim to make Groove Warehouse the number one destination for percussion lovers. And like many other merchants before him, Gary was advised to go with Klaviyo, not knowing that it had been advised, not for his needs, but because of the generous affiliate commission that the agency would receive.

Due to the overly complicated nature of Klaviyo, Gary only sent a handful of messages during the year at Klaviyo with only 6 email campaigns sent during this time.

However, when Gary moved across to Klavyio he found he was left high and dry to try and work out how to use the platform and grew increasingly frustrated over time.
Messages sent to Klaviyo’s customer support were left unanswered for days at a time, and the service that Gary was paying for was becoming increasingly less worthwhile. With an overpriced tool and overcomplicated functionalities, Groove Warehouse once again decided it was time for a change. 

Groove Warehouse migrates to SmartrMail for Free

With previous experience with SmartrMail, Gary sent the team a message saying he had just canceled his Klaviyo subscription and wanted to discuss pricing with SmartrMail and left his phone number. Less than 10 minutes later Jack from the Customer Service team called Gary to touch base and have a quick chat.

During this call, it was discovered how frustrated Gary had gotten at the lack of customer service from his previous provider as well as the small ROI on the hefty investment. A Free migration package was offered to transfer all Subscribers, email design and automations across. This offer coupled with a customer service team that is only minutes away and happy to jump on a zoom or a phone call made the decision to switch back to SmartrMail a no-brainer.

Groove Warehouse’s Results 

Gary now has confidence in the app that he is using and the support team around it. He will happily send a message reaching out and asking for some advice, knowing that he will be responded to within just a few minutes. 

At the end of the day all of this means that Groove Warehouse has gotten more sales from email marketing as they understand the tool they use, there is less frustration and it doesn’t feel like a burden now doing email marketing as automating the right emails to the right customers is all in the click of a button.

With SmartrMail Gary sent 8 manual email campaigns in the first 3 months. All of these newsletters with SmartrMail saw an open rate of between 22.02% and 31.36% when sending to his complete subscriber list.

Some of these campaigns achieved a click rate as high as 26.4% and 21.57% whereas the highest click rate on Klaviyo for an email sent to the entire list was typically around 2.39%

The ease of use of SmartrMail enabled Gary to comfortably automate a welcome series, abandoned cart email series and 2 post-purchase thankyou series all within the first few weeks.

Replicating Groove Warehouse’s success with your own email marketing

As they stated themselves, Groove Warehouse’s success with email marketing is linked to the ease of use of their email marketing platform, the email marketing advisors available 24/5 in under 5 minutes, the affordable cost per subscriber and the powerful features available.

SmartrMail makes it easy to utilize your customer data and send the right emails to the right subscribers at the right time. Unlike Klaviyo, SmartrMail charges per unique active subscriber resulting in a price tag that is usually half of what used to be paid previously.

Regardless of which platform you use, you can sign up for our 15-day free trial and start taking advantage of email marketing just like Groove Warehouse did.

Signing up for a trial will also let you jump on a free one-on-one call with our customer support team so that we can walk you through how to take full advantage of email marketing for your store.

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