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How Honua Hawaiian Skincare Simplified Their Email Marketing and Boosted Sales

Establishing your own successful ecommerce store can be a challenging experience for anyone. There are multiple hurdles to jump as you’re getting started such as creating a good looking website, producing or sourcing a product, and setting up a system to handle payments and shipments. And this is all before the ultimate challenge of finding and retaining customers. Thankfully for Honua Hawaiian Skincare, SmartrMail made that last step much easier.

Honua Hawaiian Skincare has been spreading the spirit of Aloha worldwide since 2015 through selling their own skincare ointments and lotions. Using traditional Hawaiian healing botanicals, founder Kapua Browning is able to share her love for Hawaiian culture with the world. Their product range includes face masks, cleansing creams, and moisturizers for both women and men.

Examples of Honua Hawaiian Skincare Products

Self-confessed “novices at email marketing”, the Honua Hawaiian Skincare team at first struggled to find a solution that fitted them. They wanted to be able to take full advantage of all that email marketing has to offer, including welcome emails, abandoned cart follow-ups, and automated product recommendations. Being a relatively small team though, they did not have the resources or desire to rely on agencies or external providers to handle this. Instead they “wanted to be able to run things [themselves]”.

SmartrMail fitted Honua Hawaiian Skincare’s requirements perfectly.

How SmartrMail Improved Their Email Marketing

After trialling other email marketing apps, the team opted for SmartrMail due to the simplicity of its advanced features. They found other apps were manageable for basic email marketing, but when it came to taking it to the next level, they struggled to find an option that makes features such as abandoned carts, segmentation, and good looking emails easy.

From the moment they first installed the SmartrMail app on their Shopify store, they knew they had found their email marketing solution.

“We had a good feeling from SmartrMail from the beginning. They reached out to do a 1:1 demo with us and have consistently followed up to ensure we have what we need.”

Once Honua Hawaiian Skincare had installed SmartrMail, they booked a free consultation call with a member of SmartrMail’s customer success team to assess their needs and tailor their account. This involved designing their email template, setting up abandoned cart emails, and installing a pop-up on their website to capture people’s email addresses.

“SmartrMail has helped us assess and implement new initiatives, including a pop up email sign up form & abandoned cart emails. The pop-up email sign up has significantly changed our momentum with newsletter signups and I am sure we would not have nearly the success had it not been for SmartrMail helping us figure out exactly what we needed here.”

Example of one of Honua Hawaiian Skincare's Emails

SmartrMail’s simplicity is not limited to the ease of setting up your email templates and automations however. It extends right through to the analytics dashboard where users can easily see how well their email marketing is performing.

“The dashboard/interface is incredibly easy to use for email marketing novices (or even those with absolutely zero experience) and having used 3 other leading email marketing platforms….I can say those are not nearly as straightforward.”

Free migration offer

The Results

The Honua Hawaiian Skincare team started noticing results almost straight away after their new SmartrMail emails started sending.

Since signing up, Honua Hawaiian Skincare noticed their open and click through rates increasing. This enabled them to generate more sales from their email marketing culminating in an impressive ROI of 924%.

Honua Hawaiian Skincare Stats - 924% ROI

Advice For Ecommerce Stores

“It’s very tempting to do everything yourself and while companies just starting out can’t afford to pay for services for everything, you should pick and choose what you pay for. Email marketing is definitely something to leave to the experts like SmartrMail”

Simplify Your Email Marketing and Get More Sales Today

Any ecommerce store selling on Shopify, BigCommerce, Neto, or WooCommerce can follow Honua Hawaiian Skincare’s lead and simplify their email marketing with SmartrMail. You can start sending today with our 15-day free trial.

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