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Design Emails Faster with Our New Composer

Last month we released our new email composer to all our users. For the past year, it’s been our most requested feature by far and we’re stoked to finally have it being used to create beautiful emails.

new composer

SmartrMail has always been loved as the easiest way to create emails for your store, but as we’ve grown along with our users more complex designs have required more flexibility and settings.

Rather than patch up our old composer and risking the ease of use, we decided to fully redesign how emails were created. It’s allowed us to offer more flexibility when it comes to controlling the look and feel of emails, while still maintaining the speed and ease of use that SmartrMail is loved for.

We know what is like to be a growing merchant, and know that you can’t be spending half your day composing an email. With SmartrMail you’ll always be able to get your design done in minutes.

We’re not done improving either, over the next few months we’ll be releasing more updates to the composer to make your life designing emails easier

Some of the features we’ve added already are:

  • Spacing controls
  • New product and image+caption layouts
  • Inline text styling
  • Improved button controls

Over the next few months you’ll see:

  • Mobile design controls
  • In composer template editing
  • Improved divider lines
  • Image and file gallery

We’re really excited to see more of the emails designed during the busy shopping season. If you have any feedback or want a demo of all the new features reach out to support team anytime.

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