How Papersky Store Achieved a 1245% Return on Email Marketing

How Papersky Store Achieved a 1245% Return on Email Marketing

SmartrMail’s personalized product emails are a must for any Shopify store, big or small. No one knows that better than Papersky Store, a busy ecommerce retailer that couldn’t find time to send effective email campaigns while juggling product development and magazine publishing.

By automating personalized product recommendation emails for their Shopify store, Papersky Store has achieved a 1245% return on their email marketing.

In 2012, Papersky’s founder Lucas Badtke-Berkow, launched an online travel tool store to complement their popular travel magazine. The store features products that are light, compact, simply designed, and well-made. Perfectly serving the tight knit community and clubs they have established across Japan.

Marketing the store as a one-man show, Lucas was struggling to compete with mega ecommerce stores with big marketing teams and enterprise level software. Papersky Store had grown and had to keep up with running clubs and selling travel tools to customers who were interested in a range of activities including hiking, cycling, food, books, and travel.

Sending a bulk newsletter to customers with very different interests wouldn’t get any sales and no one had the time to research and effectively segment their email list. To compete with bigger ecommerce stores, Lucas needed to email highly relevant product recommendations based on past purchases and individual browsing behavior. With no room for extra staff and short on time, Lucas had to find software that would easily integrate with Shopify and automate his email marketing.

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How Papersky Store Uses Personalized Email Marketing for Shopify

By signing up with SmartrMail, Lucas was able to save time with automation and get more sales for Papersky Store. Within minutes, Lucas had set-up and designed his emails. SmartrMail automatically pulled in products from his Shopify store including photos and descriptions, no copy and pasting necessary.

“SmartrMail literally does the work for us and gets us more sales!”

Every 2 weeks, Papersky Store automatically emails 6 personalized product recommendations to each individual customer based on their past purchases, browsing behavior, and email clicks. Recommendations can be tailored to include best sellers, sale items, and new or old products.

“SmartrMail sends the best products based on the interests and travel needs of each of our customers. Thanks to the personalization and clean design, our customers keep engaged and excited.”

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The Result

Papersky Store’s product recommendation emails have an average unique open rate of 36.2% and a click through rate of 5.5%.

Jumping onboard was easy as SmartrMail had paid for itself within the trail period. Starting at just $19/month for the first 200 customers, the investment was minimal compared to other options. Furthermore, Papersky store had no further designing or targeting to do after designing and automating their first email.

Since signing up, Papersky Store has achieved a 1245% return on email marketing using SmartrMail.

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Papersky Store’s Advice For Ecommerce Stores

“Sign up for SmartrMail as soon as possible! Automated email marketing lets small business focus on making great products and still compete with huge ecommerce stores. SmartrMail makes ecommerce success accessible to every Shopify store owner.”

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