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Send Better Recommendations with Product Feeds

Product recommendations are one of our most popular emails on SmartrMail and we’ve launched a huge upgrade that allows you to have better control over the products you recommend.

For some stores recommending all your products to every customer simply isn’t an option. You may hold different stock for men and women, or certain customers may only be interested in products related to the product they purchased previously. While our recommendation engine will be able to get most of the way there, sometimes an unrelated product might be recommended that detracts customers. 

example of a product feed

With Product Feeds you can select the products you want to put through our recommendation engine. You can choose if you want us to include products that are best selling, new arrivals, or even products that are slowly moving out of inventory. Most importantly, you can create feeds based on collections or individual SKUs. So if you only want to recommend plaid shirts to the guy who refuses to wear anything else, you finally can.

a man who refuses to wear anything but plaid shirts

We’ve detailed how to create a product feed within our documentation and also prepared a handy video below.

The Wrap

Throughout 2020 we’ll be releasing new types of feeds, a new composer for product recommendations, while also introducing feeds into newsletters, automated flows and abandoned carts. 

We’re really excited to see how more control over product recommendations will allow you to improve your targeting and get more sales.

If you want to learn more about how Product Recommendations can delight your customers and generate sales read the resources below that will help you get started:

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