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We're on a mission to build the easiest email marketing app for e-commerce.

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Our story

In 2016, our founders George and Phil started SmartrMail as a side project as they were growing their online art marketplace, Bluethumb. At the time, most email tools for e-commerce sucked, especially for a small team. You were either stuck with basic tools that didn’t do what you needed to generate sales in the competitive world of ecommerce, or you had to fork out huge amounts of cash and sign annual contracts to be on legacy enterprise tools that they neither had the time or skills to use.

So they set out to build the email tool they needed themselves.

Today over a thousand merchants use SmartrMail across the globe.

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Our app

We believe that with the right tools and data, sending an email shouldn’t have to take half your day. We loathe complexity, obsess over great design and seamlessly integrate your store’s data to save you time and delight your customers with better email that gets you sales.

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Our support

We’ve been in your position before. We know that not everyone is an expert email marketer, or has one on their team. We’ll be the email geek you wish you had on your team. Simply reach out to our team via the in-app chat or by emailing [email protected] and we promise we’ll get back to you right away. Our average ticket response time is under 20 minutes!

You can also follow along with us through @smartrmail and watch our handy how-to videos on YouTube.

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Our team


We’re developers, designers, marketers, accountants, musicians, bikers, hikers, runners, go kart racers, readers, gamers, travelers, athletes, parents and even merchants ourselves.

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Our supporters

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