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3 WooCommerce Email Templates to Help Inspire Your Emails

If you’re an online retailer or looking to open up an online store, WooCommerce is a great platform to consider. Not only is it a simple plugin you can easily install on your WordPress site, but it is also highly customizable. This makes it a natural choice if you value being able to fine-tweak exactly how your site looks.

Great design is incredibly important for online retailers, particularly those who are small businesses, as it helps establish trust and achieves conversions.

However, there’s one aspect of WooCommerce where design is noticeably lacking: Their default transactional emails. Unfortunately, the standard WooCommerce email is incredibly uninspiring.

default woocommerce transactional email

Even though all the essentials are included in the email above, its genericness will do damage to your business’ reputation and brand image. This is especially true if you’ve put in the effort to create a well-designed online store to stand out.

Despite this, the sheer number of WooCommerce stores still opting to use this default email template without any enhancements or modifications is shocking particularly when you consider just how easy it is to send better emails.

Sending better-looking transactional emails with WooCommerce is achievable in two ways: either by customizing the default template or by using a different template altogether.

While we won’t cover how to go about customizing the default template in this post, we want to showcase three custom templates that are significant improvements on the standard WooCommerce email. You can either use these templates directly, or you can simply use them to inspire your future email marketing efforts.

A Template That Takes Advantage of Images

One of the biggest downfalls of the default email template is the absence of any images. Images are absolutely critical in your marketing communications, and email is no exception.

Images are particularly important in order confirmation emails as customers will want to see images of the products they’ve just purchased.

Camel template by IvyCommerce

That’s why the above template, Camel by IvyCommerce, is a good choice for your next order confirmation email.

While the overall aesthetic of the template won’t blow your subscribers away, it’s a step up from not having any images at all. This makes the email appear more professional, which helps maintain the trust customers had when they placed their orders with you.

The top image also gives you the ability to re-enforce your branding which can help with repeat purchases.

Full Image Template

Why stop at just including small images of the products someone has ordered? If you want to truly impress your new customers, then you’re going to have to think bigger.

That’s where this template by Monsart comes in.

WooCommerce Email Template theme

By including a full-sized, edge-to-edge image in the background, this template lets you create highly effective emails. Whether you’re a fun, youthful brand or one that prides itself on a long history of quality craftsmanship, the background image affords you plenty of space to communicate the essence of your brand.

The contents of the order are also laid out differently from the default WooCommerce order confirmation email. This helps it stand out even more against the sea of default emails.

The only thing to be aware of when sending emails with heavy use of images is that some email clients (Gmail, Outlook, etc.) may not always display the images. This can often occur when it’s the first time you’re emailing a particular customer (as can be the case with order confirmation emails for first-time customers).

Don’t let this dissuade you from including images in your future emails, however. Rather this is just something worth keeping in mind, not just for transactional emails, but all types of email marketing campaigns. Using alt text with your images can help mitigate any issues.

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Woocommerce Email Templates With Large Product Images

In case you haven’t realized it yet, we’re fans of templates that include imagery.

Even though the above two templates both included product images, these were quite small. Larger images allow more details to be shown and mean that people opening your email don’t have to struggle to view and make out what the image is of. That’s why we’re fans of the template below.

Lil Commerce WooCommerce email template

This template, creatively named ‘Confirmation 4’, by Lil Commerce does a much better job at displaying what your customer has ordered compared with the other two templates. Comparing it to the default WooCommerce transactional email, it’s lightyears ahead.

The other thing we like about this template is that it includes product recommendations at the bottom. Including these recommendations is a great way to cross-sell products, which leads to more sales and, therefore, more revenue for your online shop.

Being an HTML template, however, means that setting it up, especially the product recommendations, will require a bit more work compared to regular templates like the other two on this list. If you know a bit of HTML or know someone who does, this shouldn’t be too hard. The results will definitely make it worthwhile.

Where To Find More Templates

Finding templates for WooCommerce emails is hard. Finding these three templates wasn’t easy. One of the most popular places to find templates, not just WooCommerce email ones but all manners of web templates and themes, is Here you can search for the term WooCommerce within their email templates category to hopefully find some other templates you like.

Moreover, useful email template tools can help you design, compose, and manage your emails. They also have features to help you monitor your results.

Now that you have some options to improve the appearance of your WooCommerce emails, it’s time to start implementing some of the changes.

If you’re looking to take your ecommerce email marketing to the next level, you will need to move beyond simply sending just transactional emails. Instead, you’ll also want to be sending welcome emails, automated flow emails, and more.

To achieve this, you’ll need an email service provider like SmartrMail. If you don’t already have an email service provider, then you should check out SmartrMail, we have a 15 day free trial and seamlessly integrates with your WooCommerce store.

You can see an overview of all of SmartrMail’s features here.

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