Browse abandonment email subject lines

100 Browse Abandonment Subject Line Examples & Strategy Tips

Ensuring you have strong browse abandonment email subject lines will enable you to capitalise on recovering sales!

They are one of the best examples of segmentation and personalization at work with email marketing to target potential customers right at the moment they show a high intent to purchase.

But simply just sending browse abandonment campaigns isn’t going to achieve much if customers aren’t opening them. 

And the biggest factor influencing your open rate for your emails is their subject line. So much so that a third of your email list decides whether to open your campaign or not based entirely on its subject line

That’s why we’ve put together this list of the best browse abandonment subject lines top brands have used in the past. 

Feel free to use these yourself when sending your own browse abandonment campaigns or use them to inspire your own subject lines.

The best browse abandonment email subject lines

General subject lines for browse abandonment emails

These are good, general browse abandonment subject lines that you can easily go with for your own emails.

  • A quick reminder… – Teri Jon
  • Don’t leave a good thing behind. – Bealls
  • I spy with my little eye something cute – French Toast
  • It Doesn’t Hurt To Look. – Coach
  • It’s meant to be yours! – Neiman Marcus
  • It’s never too late – Wildfox Couture
  • Items Not Yet Added To Cart – DC Shoes
  • Let Us Help You Find What You’re Looking For – White + Warren
  • Looks like you forgot something… – Bliss
  • Maybe You’re More Into These… – Urban Decay
  • Picked just for you…. – Kenneth Cole
  • Swipe Right on These Stunners – Helzberg Diamonds
  • Take another look… – Fenty Beauty
  • Thank you for dropping by – Adidas
  • These Deserve A Second Look – Ashley Stewart
  • This Item Is Still Available – Parachute Home
  • Those items you had your eye on… – One Kings Lane
  • Too good to pass up – Michael Stars
  • Top picks for you. – Timberland
  • We know you’re thinking about it… – NYX
  • We noticed you looking… – Ouidad
  • We noticed you noticing us. – Rent the Runway
  • We saw that you were eyeing this – FORWARD
  • We saw you browsin’… – NYX
  • We see you checkin’ us out… – Spencer’s
  • We think you’d like these! – Sherrilltree
  • You may also like… – Crate & Barrel
  • You’re So Close To Achieving Immune Balance – Renew Life
  • You’ve Got To See These. – Coach
  • Your perfect Earrings await! – FORWARD

One thing you’ll notice about many of these subject lines, as well as others on this list, is that they’re not very long. 

We know that subject lines with between 4 and 15 characters achieve the highest open rates. Whereas ones with over 50 characters get opened the least. So keeping your subject lines short is key to increasing your open rate.

Subject lines with emojis

Adding an emoji to your subject line is a great way to make it stand out in people’s inboxes and get your emails opened. Just like the examples below have done.

  • {name}, we saved the pieces from your last visit ❤️ – Pandora
  • ✨ {name}, need something for your hair? – Briogeo Hair Care
  • 👓  Still looking? Pick up where you left off: – Frames Direct
  • We like your style ⌚ – Timex
  • You totally deserve this ➸➸ – Lucky Brand

If you’re struggling to think of what emoji you could add to your subject line, you can always go with one that shows your products or services you sell. 

For more emoji tips, check out our guide on using emojis in subject lines here.

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Examples triggering a fear of missing out (FOMO)

One strategy plenty of stores go for with their browse abandonment subject lines is creating a sense of urgency in their customers’ minds. 

This can help encourage customers to come back and complete their purchase quickly as they fear they’ll miss out on the item if they don’t. 

The subject lines below have gone with this strategy.

  • Act now – quantities are limited – BCBG
  • Come back before they sell out! – Carter’s
  • Come back before you miss out! – Beyond Stores
  • Don’t let this pass you by – Boston Proper
  • Don’t Miss Out — Free Shipping & Sale – Danner
  • Follow your gut! You need this – BCBG
  • Last reminder on the items you left behind – TUMI
  • One last chance at a perfect match – Reserve Bar
  • Our personal picks for you are almost gone… – Jet
  • Remember that item you were looking at? It’s almost sold out. – Finish Line
  • The items you were browsing are selling fast – Ministry
  • We don’t want you to miss out! – The Detox Market

Examples complimenting the customer

Another common strategy stores use with their browse abandonment subject lines is to compliment their customers, usually for having good taste. 

  • You clearly have an eye for workwear. – MM.LAFLEUR
  • You Have Great Taste – Amour Vert
  • You Have the Right Idea (and Good Taste) – Urban Decay
  • You were right to linger on this product – Travis Mathew
  • You’ve got great taste – BaubleBar

Browse abandonment email subject lines personalized with the customer’s name

Personalizing your subject line with your customer’s name is a great way to make it stand out and boost your open rate. 

So much so that subject lines that include the subscriber’s name achieve a 17% higher open rate on average

  • {name}, come back –
  • {name}, Did You See Something You Liked..? – Pure
  • Hey {name} – Did You See Something You Liked? – O’Neill
  • Hey {name}, you forgot one important step. – Rhone
  • Hi {name}! Your items are waiting! – DXL Mens Apparel
  • We like your style, {name} … – Tory Burch

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Subject lines phrased as a question

Another way of engaging customers with your subject lines is to phrase them as a question. 

This is actually one of the most common strategies you’ll find with subject lines for browse abandonment emails. 

  • Are they still there? – Greats
  • Are you still thinking about… – Steve Madden
  • Did you leave something behind? – Hairfinity
  • Did you see something you liked? – SolaSkincare
  • Forget about this item? It hasn’t forgotten you. – Smartwool
  • Have you found what you’re looking for? – Respect Your Universe
  • Having trouble choosing? – Classes Direct
  • How about now? – Sanuk
  • Is this “the one?” – Brian Gavin Diamonds
  • Like what you saw? – Acer
  • Looking for something awesome? – Books-A-Million
  • Looking for Something Special? – Kiehl’s
  • Maybe its worth taking another look? – Design Within Reach
  • Remember this gem? – ModCloth
  • Still Deciding? Buy Now, Pay Later – Zinus
  • Still deciding? Take another look… – T.J.Maxx
  • Still thinking about it? – Anthropologie
  • Still thinking about that item? – Mark’s
  • Still thinking it over? – Hudson Shoes
  • Thanks for visiting. See you soon? – Petco
  • Why not take another look? – Carol’s Daughter
  • Why not try it and see? – Splits59
  • You + Your Design Crush…Together at Last? – Living Spaces
  • You looking at me? – Blue & Cream

Browse abandonment email subject lines with an offer

It’s not just about getting customers to simply notice your email in their inbox, it’s also about getting them to open it as well. And there are few things as enticing to customers as a special offer. 

  • 10% off – time’s running out! – Lulu & Georgia 
  • 15% Off + Items You Were Browsing Are Selling Fast… – Hugo Boss
  • ATTN: Temporary price drop for what you viewed – UNIQLO 
  • Get It, Or Regret It. 10% Off The Items You Were Browsing – Vince Camuto
  • Step up your shoe game with 0% financing – Paul Evans
  • Styles You Viewed Are On Sale! – Aerosoles
  • That item you browsed? Pick it up in-store, free. – Hallmark
  • the price of the item you viewed has dropped! – Discount School Supply
  • Your favorites are back in stock + 10% off – 100% Pure

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Examples mentioning a specific product

If you’re including the specific product a customer abandoned in your browse abandonment email, then you’ll also want to consider including the product in your subject line as well. This will help your subject line stand out and seem relevant. 

  • Don’t Forget About: Straight-Leg | Jeanie Dress Pant Yoga Pants! – Betabrand
  • Still Thinking About Chuck Taylors? – Converse
  • Still thinking about the circuit performance short sleeve crew? – Hylete
  • TH Kids Mesh Star Bomber Jacket is on sale… – Tommy Hilfiger
  • Thank you for your interest in Boy Garden Gnome Costume – Costumes4Less
  • The High Seas Short and more… – prAna
  • These Glasses Are for You. – EyeBuyDirect
  • Your preciousss is still here waiting for you – ThinkGeek

Subject lines mentioning a product category

Instead of mentioning the specific product, you might just want to mention the product category in your subject line instead. 

This works well if your browse abandonment email is more about educating customers about the product or if you want to provide potential customers with a range of alternatives in case the one they were looking at just wasn’t right or was out of stock.

  • Still interested in these great styles? – Furniture Row
  • The Gear You’ve Been Looking For – Under Armour
  • We thought you’d like to check these out… – Ride Active Shop
  • You could be carrying a new bag right now – Kipling
  • Your Second Chance To Make These Styles Yours Is HERE – Dynamite Clothing

The rest of your browse abandonment campaigns

You should now hopefully have plenty of subject line inspiration for your browse abandonment campaigns. If you still looking for more examples, check out our collection of abandoned cart subject lines here which are often similar to browse abandonment subject lines. 

For more help with your subject lines, check out our guide on writing subject lines here which includes tips on aspects like using call-to-actions, optimal character length, and more.

But there’s obviously more to an email marketing campaign than just its subject line. 

If you’re looking for inspiration for the content of your emails as well, check out our collection of browse abandonment email examples here.

We also have a comprehensive guide to browse abandonment best practices which takes you through how to set up a browse abandonment email strategy with a great conversion rate.

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