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How to boost your email list with a pop up

Did you know that email marketing delivers the highest ROI compared to any other digital marketing channel?

Every visitor to your site is a potential customer. Imagine how much profit you have let slip by if you are not already collecting emails on your website. We want you to grow your email list and maximise your ROI so we came up with 3 pop up tips to help you boost your email list quickly.

1. Why a pop up helps build your email list quickly

Let’s face it. Pop ups can be annoying. Especially when you are trying to access content on a website and a sign up window pops into view. Curious why we would still suggest using pop ups? Well, simply because they are extremely effective lead generators.

How will an email collection pop up benefit your ecommerce website?

Easy sign up

Integrating a pop up form to your site creates a very straightforward call-to-action. The easier the sign up, the faster your list will grow. You don’t want to turn your visitors away with a long sign up form that asks for anything more than their name and email address.

Have control over your leads

There are companies out there that sell leads. Apart from this contravening the SPAM-CAN Act, at best you are just going to end up with “junk leads”, and at worst end up with a lawsuit or having your domain banned. The most effective way to increase your sales is through genuine interest. Pop ups allow you to grow organic leads by offering value-added incentives like promotions or contests, encouraging visitors to subscribe to your emails.

Add a personalised touch

Once you have built a substantial list, it is essential to personalise your customer’s experience. Even top ecommerce retailers are still struggling with personalisation and few can claim success in this area. Personalisation means learning about the individual’s buying habits, location and any interaction made with your website. This helps you tailor your communications, product recommendation and promotions based on their information.

2. How to install our free pop up

Installing our free pop up is as easy as can be. All you need is an account with SmartrMail and you are on your way to installing a pop up. Once you’re all signed up, follow the following steps:

1. Click ‘Pop Up’ on the navigation bar

SmartrMail header menu

2. Customise your pop up

SmartrMail Popup Settings

SmartrMail’s pop up builder gives you control over your content, design, thank you page and trigger. With the pop up preview window, you’ll see what your pop up looks like as you customise.

3. Click ‘Enable pop up’ to install your pop up

enable popup button

That’s it from us for now folks. Are you a Shopify or Bigcommerce user? Do you want to maximise your ROI and gain subscribers today? SmartrMail is offering a free pop up to help you start collecting new subscribers’ email addresses for your list. Just click here to install our free pop up. Hang on, did we mention it’s free?

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