Could this new marketing tech change the way small businesses sell online

Could this new marketing tech change the way small businesses sell online?

Billboards, magazines, commercials, posters, flyers, internet ads and promos. Virtually the most common ways that brands use to get you to buy something from them.

It’s often a matter of scale. Big companies with huge budgets typically dominate the game and smaller businesses cannot enjoy the same level of luxury.

Want to learn how to leverage on the power of product recommendation without the high costs? Then stay tuned… This marketing tool will change your life and you too could become the next big store.

Let’s break it down

Take Bob for an example. He is 53 years old, male, huge fan of the Red Sox.

Image of Bob

Bob receives loads of emails everyday. Sometimes he even gets emails about women’s fashion. Bob doesn’t give a $#!@ about emails like these. So he never opens them.

Once in a while, Bob gets emails from his favourite baseball merchandise store. Being such a huge supporter and collector of Red Sox merchandise, he always opens these emails. Because the store does a really great job at recommending products that Bob would be interested in, it entices him to click through to the main site to purchase the item.

How to succeed like the big brands

What do Adidas, Airbnb, and Amazon have in common besides starting with the letter A?

These companies absolutely kill it with product recommendations. You’d know what I mean if you subscribe to them.

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All three companies have learnt something about me. Adidas knows I’m a sneakerhead. Airbnb knows my location. Amazon knows I am looking to buy a blender. These emails are relevant to me, and that makes me want to open them and click through to their main site.

Teching control

Did you know?
Personalised product emails generate 125% more sales than generic emails.

SmartrMail’s new marketing service may be the solution.

The developers built an automated system that helps businesses drive sales. It was specifically designed to learn individual shopping behaviours of every customer and person who interacts with a company’s website.

SmartrMail helps online businesses get a better idea around recommending products that are best suited to individual preferences. Its product recommendation engine automatically compiles a list of products and delivers them to your customer’s inboxes at the right time.

With the platform you can compose personalised one to one messages based on each customer’s browsing and shopping behaviour, develop auto-product emails, quicker email newsletters, and smart triggered abandoned cart & visit follow up emails.

Start personalising your emails and expect to get 760% more sales with your store.

SmartrMail Free Email Marketing for Ecommerce Stores Ebook

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