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A Guide to Email Signature Marketing to Increase Sales

Gone are the days where a simple thank you or warm regards would help you deliver a befitting sign-off to your business emails.

These days, people are more interested in knowing what else you have to offer, which is why email signatures that don’t carry any additional value just don’t cut it anymore.

Suppose you really want to end your emails with style and create a longing for your readers to know more about you and your establishment. In that case, email signature marketing becomes immensely viable for marketing opportunities.

In a recent study published by Media Post, 41% of those included in The State of Business Email Marketing survey by Newoldstamp reported using email signatures for branding. 

Moreover, 62% stated that they use email signatures for marketing and adding another layer of visibility for their brands. While 45% of them used email signatures for business promotion regularly, 18% claimed that they use email signatures for promulgation occasionally.

Major objectives for this behavior included creating brand awareness (82%) and driving traffic to the website (48%).

What is email signature marketing?

Instead of just using your email signatures to refer to your designation and your organization’s name, email signature marketing includes various other aspects and characteristics.

These can include CTAs (call to actions), job offers, or setting up a business meeting.

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Regardless of whatever additional information is included in your email signature, the main drive is to create engagement with recipients and get them to do more business with you. 

Due to this, many brands nowadays are now using email signatures to their benefit and utilizing the email signature block as their personal space to market their offered services and products. But that is not all because there is much more you can do with an email marketing strategy of your own construct.       

Using email signature marketing to increase sales 

Email signature marketing can be an extremely useful tool for making you look professional, increasing brand awareness, and leading to an increase in sales.

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Here are some variations that you can include in your email signature if you plan to gain new followers and increase conversions:

  • Link to your best performing landing pages and blog posts to play on your business strengths.
  • Give them a quick look at your curated portfolio of new products and offers.
  • Add an upcoming event or marketing campaign along with details and a link to a page to get them registered.
  • Showcase a demo through a video link that is optimized for engagement and further interactions or takes them to your dedicated marketing channel.
  • Slam your seasonal promo or current discounts or great limited deals which they can enjoy.
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Email signature design considerations 

As for any marketing efforts you make to broadcast your business image, there are always some best practices to follow. Likewise, when it comes to your email signature design, the following considerations are important:

  • Signatures should be a maximum of 650 pixels in width and 150 pixels in height. 
  • Only high quality and high-resolution images for the brand name or business logo should be used.
  • Use fonts that are easy to read and understand while abstaining from overly stylish ones that create confusion.
  • Stick to a variation of not more than three fonts in your overall email design.
  • Adopt simplicity in your design layout instead of choosing intricate ones that complicate things. 
  • Make information included in your email signature to be hyperlinked adequately. For example, the company logo, when clicked, should take readers to your online store or website.

Email signature marketing must-haves 

Apart from best practices, there are some things that your email signature marketing would be incomplete and be unable to deliver a power punch. Crowd Writer UK is aware of these vital features and includes them regularly to attract the attention of targeted audiences, such as:

  • Social media icons – without their inclusion, your email signature would definitely look empty.
  • Matching color schemes – use the same color pallets and themes used for your brand to stay consistent.
  • Call to action – without them in your email signature, you are losing on a great opportunity to attract audiences to your business.  
  • Your name, designation, email address, and organization’s name.
  • Additional links – but not too many and use only those that offer your recipients the greatest value. These have to be personalized to match their interest.  

Additional recommendations 

There are some additional means to make your email signature stand out, such as a headshot of yourself in the email signature. This gives your digital marketing tactic a more visual appeal and gains familiarity.  

However, make sure that your personal headshot aligns nicely with the rest of your email signature. It should be a high-quality image and not pixelated. Headshots are ideally placed in line with the email signature and placed to the left part of the screen after next to the email signature.

Lastly, you can also consider using email signature banners. These can drive CTRs (click-through rates) commendably. However, make sure that your email signature banners are unobtrusive and blend into your email signature naturally.

They can also boost content downloads, improve sales, and accelerate deals between you and the client. For styling, you can easily implement the ones that adhere to your ecommerce website design and style.    


There is much more to email signature marketing than one could possibly think of. However, due to space restriction, it is always best to perform an A/B test to see which variations offer you the best results.

Hence, the most viable decision to become a part of your email signature should be highly debated. Plus, you should use email signature marketing with a personalized touch. 

This includes prioritizing those features which are most likely to spark interest in your recipient. Hence some common features may be retained; however, using customized and tailor-made email signatures for each client will help to gain maximum yield for your efforts. 

Author Bio 

Amanda Jerelyn currently works as the Marketing Manager at Dissertation Assistance UK. She often likes to surf the internet to discover the latest developments in the world of tech. During her free time, she likes to meditate and practice mindful yoga.

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