Always be Shipping: Everything We've Launched in 2017 so far...

Always be Shipping: Everything We’ve Launched in 2017 so far…

Entering into the e-commerce email marketing space last year we knew we faced a tough task taking on industry giants (or should I say chimps). But at SmartrMail we live by the belief that by quickly and consistently shipping new product we can become the king of our jungle. Since the start of 2017, our team has doubled in size and we’ve been getting new features into the wild and hands of our users faster than ever.

We’ve already shipped over 10 new features this year with many more shiny new features up our sleeves. We’re making SmartrMail the simplest and best way for e-commerce stores to get more sales by sending the right products to the right customers. Here’s highlights of what we’ve achieved so far:

Sending more relevant emails

Smart Segments

SmartrMail Segmentation

Giving stores the ability to send the right products to the right customers means giving them access to the wealth of order and customer data made available to them by e-commerce platforms like Shopify and BigCommerce.

We’ve ended the days of excel spreadsheets and allowed stores to create segments based on specific purchase activity and customer data including product and collections purchased.

We’ve also built our easy-to-use segmentation into our 1-page email composer so you can send beautiful and targeted email in under 5 minutes.

For a full list of conditions available for segmentation read our documentation:

More Automation

If you have over 100 features but all your users manage to do is send a generic email to their entire list – that’s a problem. This year we have and are continuing to build new automated emails that stores can set up in minutes.

Auto Followups

SmartrMail Auto Followup Emails

Auto followups pair with segmentation to allow stores to send a range of automated emails including:

  • Product/Collection Specific Cross-Sells and Up-Sells
  • Win-Back Campaigns
  • Post-Purchase Review or Social Share Emails
  • Post-Purchase Re-Order Emails

Welcome Emails

SmartrMail Welcome Email

Welcome emails generate 8x more revenue but many stores don’t set them up because it takes too long. We’ve built our welcome emails to be as easy-to-use as our newsletter composer so you can design, automate, and welcome customers to your store faster than ever before.

Better Auto Product Emails

SmartrMail Automated Product Recommendation Emails Settings

Automated product recommendation emails are the core of SmartrMail as they use machine-learning to always send the right products to the right customers. We’re consistently making them more powerful and flexible for our users. So far this year we’ve added the ability to:

  • Send to specific lists or segments
  • Add body text to share sales and other store announcements
  • Hide long product descriptions
  • Send daily, on weekdays, or on custom days of the week

Theres more exciting things to come with Auto Product Emails later this year. So stay tuned!

Beautiful but quick email design

Creating beautiful emails shouldn’t take 30 minutes or require a designer with Photoshop skills. This year we’ve been working on adding more design flexibility to our composer while still keeping the email design time to under 5 minutes.

Text Styling

Text Styling

It’s 2017, your email composer shouldn’t feel like Word 2003. Our text styler makes it quick and easy to style your text in email.

Color Options

SmartrMail Color Designer

Your brand style never changes so you shouldn’t have to set it up more than once. All colors, fonts, and general email styling only have to be set up once in SmartrMail.


Effective email marketing requires constant list building. This year we’re partnering with other app developers that help stores supercharge their list building efforts.

Justuno Popups

SmartrMail Justuno Integration

SmartrMail users can now supercharge their email list growth with Justuno’s advanced email pop ups, sign up bars, and exit-intent pop ups. The platform gives SmartrMail users greater flexibility in branding their pop ups and the ability to add incentives like coupons, gated content, and contest entry.

Stay Tuned

6 months and 180 completed Trello cards later you can see we’ve been busy so far and have much more to come. We can’t wait to share what’s in the pipeline as we close out 2017!

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