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5 Follow Us on Social Media Invite Email Examples & Tips

Are you trying to grow your number of followers on your brand’s social channels? Are you wondering how you can best take advantage of a Follow Us on Social Media email invite?

Perhaps you’ve been looking at what hashtags to add to your posts, running competitions, collaborating with influencers, doing research on the best time to post. Or all of the above and more. 

You might however be overlooking your most valuable asset: your email list. 

Just like with all things digital marketing, your social media and email marketing strategies shouldn’t exist in isolation. And just like how you can use social media to gain email subscribers, you can also convert subscribers into followers.

While many brands will include small social icons in their email footer that link to their various profiles, the truth is these hardly ever get clicked on. 

To truly be effective at growing your social following, you need a dedicated email inviting people to follow you and includes a clear call to action that outlines the benefits of doing so. 

This email can then be automated as part of your welcome series to send a few days after people sign up for your email list. When they’re the most engaged with your brand. 

But what should you include in your social media email invites? 

To help answer this question and provide you with some inspiration, we’re going to go through what we think are the 5 best social share emails. 

Follow us on social media emails

Fruit of the Loom

social media email example from fruit of the loom

Fruit of the Loom’s email is the prototypical example of a social media invite email. 

It lists all of the various social networks they’re active on and briefly explains why following them is worthwhile on each platform as well as simply following them on social media in general. 

This is the exact formula you’ll want to replicate with your own email:

  • Dedicate the entire campaign to inviting people to follow you on social media
  • Talk about the benefits of doing so
  • List all the platforms where your brand is active
  • Mention platform-specific benefits 

They also include a competition where subscribers can win a product of their choice for liking their Facebook page for good measure.

What also stands out about this email is the vibrant color scheme and how its design is on-brand. 

While this certainly makes the email stand out in people’s inboxes, when it comes to designing your own emails, make sure you match your brand’s usual aesthetic. 

The only thing missing is a clear call to action button linking people to their social media profile that would make following them much easier. 

Follow us on social media from Bed Bath & Beyond

bed bath and beyond social share email

This social share email from Bed Bath & Beyond’s welcome series follows the exact same formula as Fruit of the Loom. 

What’s different about it is their more creative use of imagery and copy. 

The “hang with us on these social sites” call to action is a nice, casual way of inviting people to follow them which is reinforced by the playful imagery. 

Don’t be afraid to get creative like this with your own emails. 

Again, attention is paid to spell out the benefits of following them. 

This is an important point as you can’t expect people to just follow you by asking them to. You have to offer something of value to make it worth their while. 

Follow us on social media from Society 6

This social media invitation email from Society 6 takes a different approach than the last two. 

Instead of just mentioning their socials and giving a few reasons why subscribers should follow them, they’ve given people a preview of what they’re missing out on by not following. 

Showing people what’s happening can be much more effective than use outlining the benefits. Curating your most liked or shared posts over the past month or all time is a great way of doing this as well. 

The other thing you should take note of about this email is the good use of call to action buttons. 

There are multiple buttons throughout the email clicking people through to their Instagram profile. This makes it easy and seamless for subscribers to start following them should they wish to. 

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Follow us on social media from Toms

toms follow us on social media invite

Tom’s social media email doesn’t explicitly ask their subscribers to follow them. Instead, it asks them to do something that’s arguably much more powerful: Engage with them on social media. 

User-generated content (UGC) is an effective social media marketing strategy to drive engagement by getting your audience to share their own content. 

You’re effectively getting them to do your job for you. 

By getting customers to engage with you on social media instead of just follow you, they’ll also feel like they’re a part of your larger community which gives them the chance to connect with your brand on a personal level. 

In this case, Toms is getting people to share photos with their own branded hashtag which they will then be able to later share on their Instagram account. 

From a social media perspective, this also provides social proof that they can later use in their marketing. 

From an email marketing perspective, the email itself is more engaging and unique than the standard “follow us on social media” approach. 

Sending a similar style email will also still achieve the goal of gaining followers by highlighting your social accounts. Especially if you also mention the benefits of following beneath your UGC promotion. 

Follow us on social media from Urban Outfitters

urban outfitters social media email

Again, not your typical “follow us on social media email”, but this email from Urban Outfitters is one you can definitely draw inspiration from. 

It actually flips the dynamic by highlighting that you can purchase items various people are wearing in the photos online.

What would be nice is if there was also a ‘follow us’ call to action at the bottom that outlined the benefits of following them on their various socials. 

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Conclusion and key takeaways

Your email subscribers are already engaged with your brand so it’s fairly easy to get them to follow your social media profiles as well.

The best way of achieving this is to send a dedicated campaign a few days after they’ve signed up for your list which is when they’re the most engaged. 

At its most basic level, this automated campaign should list the various platforms you’re active on and outline a few compelling reasons why people should follow you on them. One powerful way of doing this is by including some of your top posts in the email so people can see what they’re missing out on. 

You can then take this a step further by also encouraging people to share their own content with the help of branded hashtags which will drive social media engagement as well.

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