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Easily Create Beautiful & Eye-Catching Popups with SmartrMail’s New Designer

Popups are one of the easiest and quickest ways to grow your email list and achieve even more sales from your email marketing. 

And while SmartrMail has always boasted a completely free popup that lets you collect as many email addresses as you can, today we’re thrilled to announce some major updates.

Create popups like you design emails

The first big change we’re excited to share with you is the massively increased design flexibility. 

We’ve introduced a new drag & drop designer where you can arrange different ‘blocks’ similar to how you compose emails in SmartrMail. 

creating a new popup in smartrmail

By being able to arrange images, text, and buttons how you like and add spacers to control the amount of padding between various elements, the design possibilities are endless. 

Of course, this design flexibility also extends to the thank you message that appears when someone signs up through your popup. 

In addition to creating awesome looking popups, you can use the same designer to create signup bars that appear at the bottom of the page which blend seamlessly in with your store.

smartrmail signup bar example

You can also now collect customers’ first as well as last names with your popup or signup bar. 

This will allow you to personalize your future automations and newsletters with your customer’s name.

In addition to creating popups for desktop, you can also create fully-optimized mobile popups.

Even more features are coming

This is just the start of SmartrMail’s revamped popup. 

Over the next few months we’ll be releasing even more features and functionalities to make growing your email list even easier. 

These include:

  • A range of premade popup templates that use right away or modify to suit your liking. Meaning you don’t have to create your own popup from scratch.
  • More input fields and different types of input options such as radio buttons, dropdown options, and checkboxes. This will enable you to collect more information to send personalized emails like birthday campaigns.
  • Exit-intent popups where the popup will only appear when a customer goes to leave your store.
  • The ability to run multiple popups on different certain pages of your store. For example, running an exit-intent popup on your checkout to reduce cart abandonment. 

We can’t wait to see all the incredible designs merchants create with our new popup!  

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