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The Top 5 Neto Ecommerce Apps for 2020

Running a Neto store is hard work. Ensuring a smooth operation often involves managing multiple sales channels across both online and in physical stores. Don’t get me wrong: Neto is a great retail and wholesale management platform that’s made it easy for thousands of Australian businesses to get started with ecommerce.

That’s not to say that managing your Neto account can’t be made easier. There’s plenty of tasks that you’re required to perform on a regular basis to remain successful. Whether it’s marketing, email campaigns, keeping track of a simple invoice, social media, or making sure your prices are still competitive, there’s always something to do.

Many of these tasks can be made easier with Neto add-ons.

That’s why we created SmartrMail – the email marketing solution for busy store owners. Each detail and feature is designed to make email marketing easy and automated, regardless of your skill level.

Sure, we automate your email marketing for you, but that’s only one piece of the puzzle. There’s still a slew of killer apps for Neto that are readily available to help you manage your store more efficiently without having to invest as much time.

Here’s, in no particular order, our picks for the top 5 Neto apps for 2019


SmartrMail Logo

Seeing as the reason we created SmartrMail was to help ecommerce businesses automate and personalize their email marketing regardless of their size, there’s no way we wouldn’t be including ourselves on this list.

SmartrMail was born out of years of frustration with clunky email providers that made it impossible for store owners to get targeted and timely emails out.

With our automated product recommendation emails, you no longer have to come up with a selection of products every week that may or may not interest the majority of your customers. Our advanced recommendation engine sends each of your customers a personalized selection of products they’re most likely to buy – based on their past purchase history, browsing behaviour and email clicks.

On top of that, we’ve packed the app with an abandoned cart emails, automated trigger based flows, welcome emails and the fastest email newsletter composer ever. SmartrMail has everything you need to execute a killer email marketing strategy.

Get the app.


Xero logo

One of the most bothersome parts of retail management for any business (though especially small businesses) is accounting. If you share this frustration, then Xero’s solution is for you. Here’s how this app works: You’re able to automatically sync your Neto sales to Xero, which gets rid of human errors and ensures that your accounting is up to date. No more missed sales and incorrect profit statements.

This app also lets you immediately track your sales revenue by instantly creating an invoice as soon as a customer places an order in your Neto store. Talk about seamless, well-organized and convenient.

Get the app now.


Streetpricer logo

One of the biggest issues ecommerce stores have to contend with is shopping cart abandonment. While abandoned cart emails help you recover a sizeable portion of these lost sales, you’ll also want a solution to reduce abandonment rates at the source of the problem.

According to a study by UPS and comScore, the second biggest reason people failed to complete their online transactions are people browsing for a better price elsewhere. This highlights the need for your prices to remain competitive, however ensuring this is near impossible without automation.

This is exactly what StreetPricer does. The app automatically scans eBay and Amazon to find listings that compete with your products and monitors their prices. The app is then adjusts prices on your online store, within certain rules you set (obviously), to make sure your products are always priced competitively.

This leads to higher turnover, less lost sales to other online retailers and ultimately more profit.


Afterpay Logo

Consumers are increasing preferring, and expecting to be able to, delay their payments for goods. In 2018 Australia saw a 122% annual growth in pay later payments, with Afterpay being one of most popular providers of this rapidly growing payment option.

This makes offering this service harder to ignore or delay.

Afterpay is a great point of sale option if you’re not already letting customers delay their payments. The service lets customers pay for an item in four fortnightly interest-free payments insteading of having to pay the whole amount in one hit.

What’s more, not having one’s preferred payment option available was the fourth leading cause of shopping cart abandonment in the study mentioned earlier. This means that by offering Afterpay you’re not only keeping your customers happy, but also helping to reduce the amount of lost sales.

Get the app.


Justuno Logo

Justuno is a complete conversion rate optimization suite that enables thousands of marketers around the world to optimize for email list growth, conversions and more.

While SmartrMail offers a free email collection popup for Neto stores, the sheer number of different tools, testing features, segmentation rules, and analytics that Justuno offers makes the price more than worth it.

Justuno’s popup also integrates with SmartrMail, letting you use it to grow your SmartrMail email list too.

Get the app.

What Are Your Favourite Apps for Neto?

This is only a short list of our picks for the best apps to integrate with your Neto ecommerce business. No doubt there are other services out there that you can add to help with your workload and achieve more sales.

If you have any particular apps you couldn’t go without, feel free to mention them in the comments below!

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