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Learn how to get started making more sales with email through our free course on email marketing for merchants.

The course consists of six lessons delivered straight to your inbox over the course of six weeks. Each week builds on what you learned in the previous lesson so by the end of the course you'll have all the fundamental of email marketing down pat and making more sales.

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Get a preview of what the course covers each week below.
Week 1: Getting Started with Email Marketing
Learn about the following topics in the first week:
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Choosing an integrated email app
Learn how to integrate your online store with an email marketing app so you can harness customer data to send relevant emails that make more sales.
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Importing subscribers and customers
Learn how create a new email list of existing customers and contacts so you can hit the ground running with email marketing.
Week 2: Building Your Email List
Learn about the following topics in the second week:
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Creating an enticing opt-in incentive
Learn how to entice people to sign up for your email list by creating an opt-in incentive they can't resist.
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Email sign-up forms
Learn how to create email sign-up forms and what the best practices are to increase your conversion rate.
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Email collection popups
Learn everything you need to know about popups and how you can use them to accelerate your email list growth.
Week 3: Designing Emails That Convert
Learn about the following topics in the third week:
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Email design
Learn about email design best practices so you know how to easily create beautifully designed emails that delight your customers.
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Optimizing your email content
Learn how to optimize the content that goes into your email so that your customers are more likely to engage in your desired action.
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Essential components for every email
Learn what elements you should include with every email you send and how to optimize them to make more sales.
Week 4: Sending Emails to the Right Customers
Learn about the following topics in the fourth week:
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Email personalization
Learn about the importance of email personalization and how you can personalize your campaigns to make more sales.
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Email segmentation
Learn what segmentation is and how you can segment your email list to send relevant emails to your customers.
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Product recommendation emails
Learn about automatic product recommendations and how you can use them to improve the performance of your email marketing.
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How frequently to send emails
Learn how to achieve the right balance between sending too many emails and sending enough to get the optimal return from email marketing.
Week 5: Recovering Lost Sales with Abandoned Cart Emails
Learn about the following topics in the fifth week:
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The cart abandonment problem
Learn what cart abandonment is and how it's one of the biggest challenges and opportunities facing online merchants.
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Setting up an abandoned cart series
Learn how to set up an abandoned cart series to recover otherwise lost sales automatically.
Week 6: Measuring Your Performance
Learn about the following topics in the sixth week:
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Understanding key metrics
Learn about open rates, click through rates, conversion tracking and other key metrics so you can measure your performance.
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A/B testing
Learn what A/B testing is and how you can use it to continually improve the performance of your email marketing.
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Next steps
Get recommendations for how you can continue to expand your email marketing skillset with more advanced strategies.
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