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The Back to School season is great opportunity for merchants. In this webinar, we take you through how you can prepare, plan, and execute your back to school email marketing strategy to make the most of the sales opportunity.

Back to School Marketing Resources

How to Ace Your Campaigns for Back to School
Learn how to ace your back to school campaigns in order to get the most out of the second biggest retail shopping season.
Genius Back to School Ad Campaigns
Get inspired for your own back to school ads by checking out these A+ back to school ad campaigns.
Expert Campaign Ideas for Back to School
We asked some of the best marketing experts what their top back to school campaign ideas were. Here's what they came up with.
Some tips to improve your newsletters
Email Inspiration
Get inspiration for your own Back to School email campaign designs by checking out this collection of stunning examples from previous years.
Subject Line Inspiration
No email is complete without a killer subject line that people can't help but click. For inspiration when coming up with your own subject lines, check out our collection of Back to School subject lines.
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