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100 A+ Back to School Subject Lines You Can Use

It’s that time of year again. A time where millions of schoolchildren get ready for the new school year and email marketers brush up on their back to school subject lines. 

Why do smart marketers spend so much time on subject lines?

Because a third of your email list will decide whether to open your email based on its subject line alone. And when it comes to your email marketing, you’ll want to make sure you’re achieving decent open rates. 

Especially with your back to school email campaigns. 

The National Retail Federation’s annual report shows that back to school spending exceeds $80 billion in the United States alone. This places the sales period in second behind the Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend and ahead of other sales events like Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. 

Digital marketers will also be happy to hear that over half of back to school sales are expected to be made online.

So to give your store the best chance of getting as many sales as possible, we’ve compiled this list of 100 A+ back to school email subject lines. Feel free to use them or as inspiration for your own to boost your open rates.

General Back to School Email Subject Lines

  1. Head Back to School in Style
  2. It’s That Time of Year Again: Getting Ready for School
  3. Your One Stop School Shop
  4. Get Ready for the Back to School Season
  5. Ready for School?
  6. School is Just Around the Corner!
  7. Heading back to school?
  8. All the Back to School Supplies You Need
  9. The Latest Gadgets for Back to School
  10. Not Ready for the New School Year Yet?
  11. Get Ready to be Schooled
  12. All the MUST HAVES for the New School Year
  13. A Fresh Start to School
  14. Back to School Essentials
  15. School Time = Play Time
  16. Be the Best in Class
  17. Your Number One Back to School Shop
  18. It’s Time to Rule the Playground
  19. What’s on your Back to School Checklist?
  20. Raise Your Hand if You’re Ready for Back to School
  21. Back to School Survival Guide
  22. Get The Kids Ready for the New School Year
  23. Heading Back to School in 2019
  24. Be Back to School Cool
  25. Don’t Miss the School Bell
  26. Jump Back Into School In Style
  27. A Healthy Fresh Start to School Lunchboxes
  28. Our Back to School Shop is Open
  29. Get Ready for the New School Season
  30. Time to Get Back Into School Spirit
  31. Top Looks for Back to School
  32. Checkout our Back to School Shop
  33. Do School Old School
  34. Fall Into A Fresh Start To School
  35. Going Back to School This Year?
  36. Back to School 101
  37. Your Back to School Playlist
  38. Our Top Study Tips for Back to School
  39. The Perfect Stationery for School 
  40. It’s Time for School

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Back to College Subject Lines

Back to school campaigns tend to focus on elementary through to high school students. Despite the fact that more money is spent every year on back to college purchases than on back to school purchases. Smart digital marketers know not to ignore this prime demographic.

  1. Everything a College Fresher Needs
  2. Personalize Your Dorm Room
  3. Moving to College?
  4. Our College Survival Guide
  5. Back to College Sales
  6. The Best Deals on Textbooks
  7. Refresher for a Fresher!
  8. Must Haves for the New Semester
  9. Make This Semester Yours
  10. Your College Checklist

Back to School Subject Lines Mentioning Free Shipping

  1. Limited Time Only: FREE SHIPPING on Back to School Items
  2. Back to School Savings + Free Shipping = A+ Deals
  3. Free Shipping for the Back to School Season
  4. Get Your School Supplies Shipped for Free
  5. Last Minute Back to School Shopping? Get Fast Free Shipping!
  6. Get Psyched for School with Free Shipping!
  7. Our Back to School Deals Ship for Free
  8. Save Money on Back to School with Free Shipping
  9. With free overnight shipping, there’s no reason to be late for class
  10. Make Back to School More Tolerable with Free Shipping
Free migration offer

Back to School Sale Subject Lines

  1. Our Back to School Sales Starts Now
  2. Head Back to School in Style with these Deals
  3. Back to School Savings have Landed
  4. Massive Savings Throughout Our Back to School Shop
  5. Exclusive Back to School Deals
  6. 20% off for the new school year!
  7. 25% to 50% Off Storewide: Our Back to School Sales Spectacular! 
  8. Be Best In Class with These Savings
  9. A+ Savings on School Supplies
  10. Back to School Steals! 
  11. Don’t Miss the Bus on these Deals!
  12. Last Chance for Back to School Savings!
  13. Your Exclusive Discounts for the New School Year
  14. 30% Off All School Shoes
  15. Hit the Books with these Savings
  16. $10 Off Your First Back-to-School Order
  17. Your Back to School Savings Cheat Sheet
  18. Bell’s About to Ring on these Back to School Discounts!
  19. Best in Class: Our New School Year Offers
  20. Save on a Fresh Start to School

Back to School Email Subject Lines with Emojis

  1.  It’s Back to School Time 📝🍎🎒
  2. Pack Your School Bag with These Savings 💰🎒
  3. 🏫 It’s that Time of Year Again…
  4. 👩‍🏫 Teacher Savings For The New School Season 👨‍🏫
  5. Heading To College This Year? 🎓
  6. ✅ Your Back to School Checklist
  7. 📝Get Ready For Back to School
  8. Don’t Miss The Bus 🚌
  9. 🎒👟Back to School In Style 👟🎒
  10. Time to Dust Off That Schoolbag 🎒
  11. Be Back To School Cool 😎
  12. Back to School Time 🍎
  13. 🍁= Back to School 🚌🍎 
  14. Ace the New School Year 🎓
  15. Prepare for Back to School 🍎

Back to School Subject Lines for Teachers

Just as you shouldn’t forget about college students, keep teachers in mind. All too often teachers end up having to pay for school supplies and equipment out of their own pocket. 

  1.  Bulk Discounts on Back to School 
  2. Get Your Classroom Ready with these School Supplies
  3. Save On Back-to-School Supplies
  4. FREE Lesson Plans for the New School Year
  5. 5 Things Every Teacher Needs for Back to School

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Writing Your Email Subject Lines

Now that you have plenty of inspiration and options, it’s time to go about choosing your back to school email subject lines.

If you’re still unsure about coming up with a good email subject line, check out our guide on writing the best subject lines for email marketing

If you have the opposite problem and you can’t choose between multiple subject options, then consider A/B testing them. We also have a handy guide to A/B testing subject lines you can have a read through.

Of course, you’ll also want to ensure the rest of the email is as great as its subject line. If you’re unsure about the how to design your email, we have a collection of 10 great back to school emails for you to check out.

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