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10 Ecommerce Blogs Every Online Retailer Should Be Reading

There’s a popular saying in business: “If you’re not growing, you’re dying”, the idea being that you need to be constantly improving and optimizing your business for it to survive.

This is especially true in the fast pace world of ecommerce. Being a relatively young industry, it can be hard to keep up to date with all the changes occurring. The good news is that there is a wide variety of resources readily available offering everything from tips for setting up your store to growth hacks to take your sales to the next level.

Whether you are yet to open your store or have been going strong for years now, here’s a list of the top ecommerce blogs we highly recommend every online retailer read.

1) Shopify

Screenshot of the Shopify blog

Being the largest ecommerce platform in the world, chances are you’ve at least considered selling on Shopify if you aren’t already. In addition to being a great ecommerce tool to get your business venture started, the Shopify blog also has one of the largest collections of blog articles on the internet. With well over a thousand articles they cover every topic related to ecommerce and their position as industry leaders means they know what they’re talking about and carry significant clout.

While they are an immeasurably valuable resource for all ecommerce stores regardless of size or platform, if you’re on Shopify following their blog is essential given they also use it to announce new features and updates to Shopify.

2) A Better Lemonade Stand

Screenshot of A Better Lemonade Stand blog

The A Better Lemonade Stand blog was started and is currently run by Richard Lazazzera, one of the top influencers in ecommerce. The entire blog is dedicated to being a one-stop-shop for everything you need to build a successful ecommerce business.

Richard prides himself on offering well thought-out, well researched content that offers genuine insights for readers. Considering how in-depth the articles tend to go, you’ll want to dedicate some time to this blog.

Filled with blog posts, videos, case studies, PDF guides, tools, plus more, the comprehensiveness of ABLS makes it a must read for everyone involved with ecommerce.

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3) Bootstrapping Ecommerce

Screenshot of the Bootstrapping Ecommerce blog

This blog has a particular focus on getting your ecommerce idea up and off the ground. If your business is still very much a lean operation then you’ll appreciate the money saving tips this blog has to offer.

That’s not to say that more established stores can’t benefit from this blog though, in fact no matter how successful your store has become, everyone can benefit from reading this blog every now and then.

4) Get Elastic

Screenshot of the Get Elastic blog

Being ranked as one of the top 15 blogs for entrepreneurs by the Wall Street Journal and the top ecommerce blog by PostRank, it’s hard to not at least consider Get Elastic.

The blog is dedicated to the future of commerce with a strong focus on ecommerce. With numerous articles on how future technologies such as voice recognition and the Internet of Things will transform ecommerce, this is a must read blog for those wanting to stay up to date.

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5) eCommerceFuel

Screenshot of the ecommercefuel blog

eCommerceFuel is a tight knit community of successful store owners (achieving at least 6 figure sales) that aims to accelerate growth for its members. While you might not have reached the necessary sales for membership just yet, they still regularly post great articles accessible to everyone. These articles are often growth focused but cover everything from store design tips to SEO and marketing.

Even though their most valuable content is located within their gated community, their public posts are of incredibly high quality and definitely worth a read.

6) Neil Patel Blog

Screenshot of the Neil Patel blog

Neil Patel is one of the most high profile digital marketing entrepreneurs online today. As the founder of KISSmetrics, Neil’s blog tends to take a very data driven approach to the topics it covers. This means that articles are always well researched, comprehensive, and backed up with evidence. Combine this with the expertise and experience that Neil brings to the table and you’ve got one of the most trustworthy blogs on the internet.

Even though the blog touches on all the different aspects of digital marketing from SEO to social media, there is a large section focused on ecommerce. This section contains everything you could ever want from an ecommerce blog and then some. Given the sheer depth of the articles and the variety of topics, Neil’s blog is a must read for every online retailer regardless of what stage they’re at.

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7) AcquireConvert

Screenshot of the AcquireConvert blog

The AcquireConvert blog has a large collection of articles related to ecommerce, many of which are focused on the Shopify platform. The site run by Giles Thomas, a Google Marketing Expert and the founder of the growth studio Whole Design Studios. With this knowledge and experience, the blog is filled with quality articles on ecommerce marketing strategies and tactics.

Despite on focus on Shopify, there’s plenty of value for people using other ecommerce platforms too.

8) eCommerce Nation

Screenshot of the ecommerce nation blog

eCommerce Nation aims to create a global community of ecommerce business owners to share their knowledge and insights. As a result, their blog regularly features guest posts from industry experts and has a focus on how to grow your business in international markets. If you’re looking at expanding in a new country, then this site likely has some useful tips and resources for you.

Unlike other blogs on this list, ECN specifically tries to build an engaging community for you to join. This is something that you might also want to consider in addition to their articles.

9) Sumo

Screenshot of the Sumo blog

Sumo has powerful tools for ecommerce stores helping them to turn visitors into customers. Their pop-up is especially popular. What is less well known however is that they also have a great ecommerce blog filled to the brim with useful articles.

Their blog covers a wide range of topics with a particular emphasis on marketing channels such as email, content, and social media. One of the stand out features however is the inclusion of multiple case studies. These studies are often filled with data that Sumo has acquired themselves by helping thousands of ecommerce stores grow their sales already.

The end result is a great resource for people looking for tips and ideas to expand their ecommerce store.

10) SmartrMail

Screenshot of the SmartrMail blog

We’ve saved the best for last (might be a tiny bit biased here). If you’re just visiting the SmartrMail blog for the first time, be sure you check out some of the other great articles we have here as well.

Being an email service provider that integrates deeply with ecommerce sites, we want to see stores achieve great sales and success. That’s why we create articles just like this one.

With a particular focus on how you can best utilize email marketing, we blog on a wide variety of topics related to ecommerce. With over a hundred articles already, we continue to post on a regular basis.

Now that you have gone through our picks for the top ten ecommerce blogs out there, we highly recommend that you bookmark some of the ones that stood out to you. That way you can easily find them again whenever you’re looking for some inspiration.

Feel free to let us know of any other great ecommerce blogs you know of too!

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