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7 of the Best Fashion Email Examples You Can’t Ignore

Fashion welcome emails are your chance to make a good first impression. Take the opportunity to connect customers with your brand, make them feel special, and entice them to make their first purchase from your store. A lazy text email with a coupon code is the equivalent of showing up to a first date in sweatpants. Keep scrolling to see some of our favorite fashion email examples.

That being said, we want you and your customers to have long-lasting relationships filled with love and repeat purchases, so we’ve compiled 7 of the best fashion welcome emails. Through these 7 fashion welcome emails, you’ll discover how the most successful fashion brands send welcome emails that engage subscribers and get them more sales for their stores.

1. Aritzia

Subject Line: Let’s Get to Know Each Other

Bold Fashion Welcome Email

Why We Love This: Artizia breaks the mould of the standard welcome fashion email. The entire email is image based, which allows them to have bold graphics and increased flexibility. It would be interesting to know their click through rates as not all email providers show images in their preview panes.

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2. Kate Spade

Subject Line: welcome to

Why We Love This: It means a lot if a customer willingly chooses to give you their email address. Be grateful and don’t automatically start filling their inbox with products. Kate Spade does it best by recreating a simple thank you letter. The 15% Off offer is followed by a single call-to-action that brings the customer back to the site.

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3. Tommy Hilfiger

Subject Line: Welcome to Tommy Hilfiger

Why We Love This: Luxury brands should have a luxury newsletter. Tommy Hilfiger’s welcome fashion email features clean images and makes you feel like you’re part of an exclusive club. There isn’t any confusion or clutter with the 20% Off code and a single call-to-action.

Luxury Fashion Welcome Email

4. Ugmonk

Subject Line: 10% off Ugmonk – coupon expires soon

Why We Love This: Having an expiry date 30 days in the future won’t grab anyone’s attention. Ugmonk’s 48 hour offer creates urgency that will have interested customers quickly coming back to their site.

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5. American Apparel

Subject Line: Welcome to American Apparel + 15% Off Your Next Order!

Why We Love This: American Apparel’s welcome email is consistent with the simplicity of the brand. In 3 short sections they include a 15% Off welcome offer, encourage subscribers to connect with them on social, and cement the brand’s ‘sweatshop free’ identity.

Social Media Fashion Welcome Email

6. Lululemon

Subject Line: Thanks for signing up!

Why We Love This: Remember how we said your welcome email is like your first date? Don’t be the brand that rushes things. Lululemon doesn’t force a purchase with their first email. Instead they let the customer get to know the brand through witty imagery, a link to their blog, and a preview of their social feeds.

Funny Fashion Welcome Email

7. Mr.Porter

Subject Line: Mr Reyes, welcome to MR PORTER

Why We Love This: Mr.Porter takes the opportunity to get to know their customers’ brand preferences. It makes sense when personalized emails deliver 6x higher conversion rates than bulk email newsletters. By taking this step, Mr.Porter’s future emails will include products that customers will want to see — increasing open rates, click-throughs, and sales for their store.

Segmentation Fashion Welcome Email
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