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3 Emails Every Ecommerce Store Should Be Sending in 2021

Sometimes it’s difficult sending engaging emails to your customers. Seriously, how many email newsletters can you send with “This Month’s Top Picks”? The key to ecommerce email marketing is not about sending emails according to your products, but according to your customers.

Doing this requires your emails to be timely, relevant, and personalized to each customers individual interests. Both products and content need to be curated to each customers specific interests. Doing this results in 6x higher conversion rates and a 760 percent increase in revenue!

Here are the 3 emails every ecommerce store needs to be sending right now:

Personalized Product Newsletters

Sure floral dresses might be in fashion, but I’m a 22 year old guy and I don’t see myself in one anytime soon. It turns out I’m not alone, 73 percent of consumers prefer to do business with online retailers who use personal information to make their shopping experience more relevant. If personalization is what your customers want, give it to them!

SmartrMail Product Recommendation Emails for Shopify and BigCommerce

Modern technology has made previously complex recommendation algorithms accessible and affordable for all ecommerce retailers. Ecommerce apps can now collect customer data including past purchase history, browsing behavior, and email clicks and opens to power hyper-personalized product recommendations straight to your customers inbox.

Start Sending Personalized Product Newsletters.

Abandoned Cart Emails

Two-thirds of your customers are adding items to their cart and abandoning them. Shopping cart abandonment alone accounts for $18 billion in lost revenue for ecommerce companies. Can you imagine what $18 billion in lost revenue means to your bottom line?

The good news is that 35 percent of these lost customers convert with an abandoned cart email. Abandoned cart emails convert because they are timely, relevant, and directly related to products your customers are interested in. It’s no surprise that 75 percent of email revenue is generated from triggered campaigns.

Abandoned Cart Email

Send abandoned cart emails that offer discounts, include fun copy, and remind your customers before they forget. 72 percent of customers who buy from abandoned cart emails convert within the first 24 hours.

Start Sending Abandoned Cart Emails.

Segmented Content Newsletters

Email marketing isn’t dead, the bulk email newsletter is. Other than the odd site-wide sale, there aren’t any other emails you should be sending to your entire email list.

Products aren’t the only content your subscribers want to see. Marketing has shifted to be consumer centric and ecommerce marketers need to serve customers at every stage of the buyer’s journey: Awareness, Consideration, and Decision.

Home Depot Blog

Segment your email database according to variables such as age, gender, or business type (the possibilities are endless). Next, create content that addresses problems and identifies solutions specific to each customer segment. While some content might not directly sell your products, it establishes you as an expert on the specific topic, resulting in your store being the first to come to mind when your customer is ready for purchase.

Here are some topic ideas to get you started:

  • Fashion: 24 Things Women Over 30 Should Wear
  • Hardware: 5 DIY Home Organization Ideas for Moms
  • Packaging: How Ecommerce Retailers Can Create Shareable Packaging

Start sending quicker email newsletters.

Closing Note:

Though ecommerce marketing is constantly evolving, so are technologies that make enterprise level marketing accessible and affordable to all ecommerce stores. Even if you’re a 1-man operation, email automation and personalization save you time and generate higher returns than any other digital marketing channel. If you’re not sending these 3 ecommerce emails now, drop everything else, and start now!

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