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5 Examples of Great Father’s Day Emails

Check out some of these amazing Examples of Great Father’s Day Emails. You’d be hard pressed to find someone unfamiliar with the concept of Father’s Day, a day once a year where sons and daughters show their appreciation to their fathers, often with copious amounts of chocolates, underwear, and bad dad jokes.

What is however less commonly appreciated is the massive retail opportunity this holiday presents retailers.

Father’s Day generates tens of billions of dollars in sales for retailers globally every year. That’s one large pie for retailers to take a slice from. To maximise the size of that slice for your ecommerce business, you need to be sending some solid Father’s Day emails to your subscribers.

Of course, these emails should be tailored to your target customers and the types of products you sell, but give you some inspiration and to get those creative juices flowing, we’ve picked five examples of great Father’s Day emails for you.

Father’s Day email examples:

Email 1: A great combination

Bacon Cologne email for fathr's day

This Bacon Cologne email is great on so many different levels – it’s attention grabbing (combining bacon with just about anything is going to catch people’s attention), well designed, contains a limited time offer, and is humorous.

These are all great ingredients in email design.

The attention grabbing nature of bacon cologne is particular clever. This email was sent with “New Bacon Cologne for Dad!” as its subject line. After landing your email in your subscriber’s inbox, the next hurdle is getting your subscriber to actually click on and open your email, which is why good subject lines are essential.

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Email 2: Lame dad jokes

Dad joke email

This email also ticks all the boxes of good email design. What makes it such a great Father’s Day is the humour in the form of the bad dad joke. What would Father’s Day be without the dad jokes?

Email 3: Gift ideas

gift idea email example

RV Super Centre’s email goes to show that sometimes a simple, well designed email is versatile enough for any occasion. Of course, this particular email has been tailored for Father’s Day with the inclusion of gift ideas for people’s fathers.

If your store has a certain product category or categories set up with products fathers will likely want, you can easily create an auto product recommendation email that recommends the products your subscribers are most likely to purchase that only recommends products from these categories.

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Email 4: Feel good Father’s Day email

charity happy father's day email

This email is a nice departure from your typical Father’s Day email. By taking the ‘hero dad’ concept, the email is likely going to resonate with those looking to make a meaningful impact in the world.

Being sent from a charity, it also shows that the holiday is not only an opportunity for retailers of traditional Father’s Day gifts to benefit, but that a whole range of different businesses including non-for-profits can get in on the action.

Email 5: Great Father’s Day email design

chocolate father's day email

Chocolates and Father’s Day go hand in hand as well as dad jokes and bad puns, which is one of the reasons this email works so well. The other is the share-ability of the chocolate ‘Seegars’.

Your Father’s Day email marketing

Father’s Day is a great opportunity to drive more sales to your ecommerce store. However without a solid strategy in place to get consumers to your store, you’ll end up missing the opportunity. Email marketing, especially seeing as it has the greatest ROI of any digital marketing channel, is the perfect channel to drive this traffic to your store too.

Now that you’ve got the inspiration to create a great email, you’ll need a great subject line to go along with your Father’s Day email.

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