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5 Must Have Apps for Starting Your Bigcommerce Store

We understand that starting an ecommerce store can be overwhelming and time consuming. But fret not, because there is an extensive number of apps and integrations designed to support your business.

To help you leverage on the right tools for more advanced functions, I’ve compiled a list of 5 must have apps for BigCommerce stores. From shipping to lead generation and email marketing, let’s begin exploring!

1. Justuno

Justuno’s sign up bar helps you collect your visitor’s emails. It is a non-intrusive method of growing your mailing lists and boosting sales through email marketing. You can customise your message or offer on the bar and choose to install it on either the header or footer of your store’s website.


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2. Boost Sales

Boost Sales app helps online stores increase average order value by upselling & cross-selling to every customer, just like Amazon. When customers add an item to a cart, the app will upsell related products that they most likely want to buy.

Boost Sales BigCommerce App
An upsell offer by the Boost Sales app

Or cross-sell bundles to motivate customers to buy more than planned.

Boost Sales BigCommerce App
A cross-sell offer by Boost Sales app

Besides hand-picking relevant items to recommend for each offer, you can turn on the automated upsell/cross-sell feature so the app can handle the job for you. Using smart recommendation algorithms, it collects customer browsing behaviors and your sales data to suggest personalized products that each customer most likely wants to purchase.

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3. SmartrMail

SmartrMail is a marketing tool for ecommerce stores to send personalized shopping emails to get more sales. Compose personalized one-to-one messages based on each customer’s browsing and shopping behavior. The platform also helps you develop auto-product emails, quicker email newsletters, and smart-triggered abandoned cart & visit follow-up emails. With personalized emails, you can expect to get 760% more sales with your store.

SmartrMail BigCommerce App

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4. POWr Social Feed

Being a visually-driven platform, Instagram has become an integral marketing channel for ecommerce stores. A link on your Instagram bio can help drive traffic to your website. Vice versa, if you integrate your Instagram feed into your website, it can help boost followers, likes, and shares. POWr Social Feed is a great automated tool that allows you to embed your Instagram pictures onto your website.

POWr Social Feed app

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5. ShipStation

ShipStation allows you to save time and money on shipping through its automated order fulfillment service. Whether you are sending out a few items to thousands daily, ShipStation helps manage your shipping process easily and quickly. The cloud-based service takes care of integrating your store’s orders and data, lets you process and print labels and packing slips in a single batch, and gives you the option of mixing and matching your carriers. With Shipstation, you won’t have to kick a fuss with shipping processes anymore.

ShipStation BigCommerce App

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