5 things you can do to right-now to get more sales from email marketing

5 Things You Can Do to Get More Sales from Email Marketing in 2021

If you’re on Shopify or BigCommerce, using SmartrMail for your email marketing will save you time and get you more sales for your store.

SmartrMail has made it’s Shopify and BigCommerce users over $15 Million in extra revenue, and our average user has a $41 return for every $1 they spend.

Itching to do the same? It won’t take you long to get started. Most of SmartrMail’s emails are automated and can be set up in minutes.

Here are 5 things you can do right now to get more sales from email marketing with SmartrMail:

1. Build Your Email Lists

To have effective email marketing campaigns, you need a list of leads to market to. The way to do that is email list building. It’s simple, the more email leads you have, the more sales opportunities you provide for your business.

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You can collect emails using SmartrMail’s email popup (forever free for Shopify and BigCommerce stores) or by embedding a form on your website. We’ve found that popups work incredibly well – like increase in daily email sign ups by 758% well!

Ben Sherman Email Popup

If you’re already collecting leads with MailChimp or Campaign Monitor, our 1-click integration will add your lists to SmartrMail and keep them updated in real-time.

SmartrMail List Integrations

2. Set Up a Welcome Email Series

Welcome emails are opened 4X more often and clicked 5X more than regular promotional emails. But most importantly, welcome emails generate 8X MORE REVENUE!

Discount Shopify BigCommerce Welcome Email

Take advantage of when customers are most interested in your brand, by offering discount incentives and indoctrinating them with branding and your most popular products.

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With SmartrMail’s autoresponders you can automate an unlimited amount of emails when a customer subscribes to your email list on your Shopify or BigCommerce store.

Learn How to Automate a Welcome Series with SmartrMail

3. Automate Product Recommendation Emails

Personlized emails have 6x higher transaction rates and increase revenue by 760%. But personalization, isn’t simply adding your subscriber’s name in the header.

SmartrMail Product Recommendation Emails for Shopify and BigCommerce

Ecommerce email personalization means sending personalized product recommendations based on each individual customer. In fact, 73 percent of consumers prefer to do business with online retailers who use personal information to make their shopping experience more relevant.

SmartrMail’s recommendation enginge for Shopify and BigCommerce tracks past purchase history, browsing behavior, and email clicks to deliver hyper-personalized product recommendation emails straight to your customer’s inbox.

4. Recover Abandoned Carts

Two-thirds of your customers are adding items to their cart and abandoning them. Though that sounds like terrible news, it’s actually a huge remarketing opportunity. It’s estimated that approximatley 63% of abandoned products can be recovered by savvy ecommerce marketers.

However, a savvy ecommerce marketer doesn’t send the default abandoned cart email that comes with Shopify and BigCommerce. Your customers’ lives are too busy and their inboxes are too full for a single email to grab their attention.

Use SmartrMail to send up to 3 abandoned cart emails. Combine different offers and include personalized cross-sells to increase both your abandoned cart recovery and your average order value.

Ralph Lauren Abandoned Cart Email

We’ve even written a template to help you get started: 3 Emails to Increase Ecommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery

5. Send a Beautiful Email Newsletter

Have a particular sale or collection that you’d like to share with your subscribers? Compose a beautiful newsletter faster than you ever have before.

Shopify and BigCommerce Manual Newsletter

SmartrMail’s manual newsletter composer is the fastest in the industry. Quickly upload images, link your content, and add text. Using our product-lookup, you can also add a few relevant products in seconds – complete with images, descriptions, and links.

It’s easy to style your emails according to your brand too. Simply upload your logo, choose your font, and set your button colour and stroke. Not a design guru? You can even let us know and we’ll set up your design for you.

SmartrMail Email Design

Closing Note:

SmartrMail is designed to save you time and get you more sales from email marketing. Our easy-to-use automation targets your customers for you and is proven to generate more sales than bulk product newsletters.

If you’ve like more help with your email marketing, we also offer an assisted setup add-on where one of our email geeks will help you get started.

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