how personalized email can boost your conversion rate

How Personalized Emails Can Boost Your Conversion Rate

Which of the below emails attracts your attention more?


Did you enjoy your food? Fill this form to let us know with your review. We will appreciate your feedback.



“Hi Dany,

How was your experience at table number 5, ABC Kitchen on Sunday at 10 pm? Your feedback will help us improve our services. Kindly take a moment to fill out this form. We hope you enjoyed the meal.

ABC Kitchen”

I’m sure you would like to receive the second email after your experience at any restaurant. This is because a touch of personalization in the email has engaged you more towards it. This is why I always prefer personalization in each type of content you prepare for your user. There are so many ways to add a personal touch in emails to make them more appealing for the recipient and drive them towards you.

1. Send an Automated Welcome Email

Whenever anyone subscribes to your email list, send a welcome email. Almost 75% of users expects an email from the website when they are signing up. An email start with a name as we all appreciate when someone remembers our name. You may also mention other information related to the subscriber such as to further personalize it.

Sending the welcome email with some pertinent information regarding the interest of your customer can also help too. You can have an idea of their interest by analyzing the time spent with any particular product or page. Relevant products attached to the welcome email could work for you. Similarly, birthday emails and anniversary emails are a great source to boost your conversions.

personalized email example 1

2. Do Not Be A Sales Machine

Users enjoy emails that have a natural human tone to them. Robotic email may lead to frustration. Do not always ask your customers to purchase. Sometimes, try giving them some relevant information of their interest.

Let suppose you have analyzed that some of your customers show a great interest in soccer and your store has just launched a new soccer T-shirt. Instead of emailing them directly to purchase the T-shirt, you can provide them some recent updates regarding soccer. With that particular email attach the visuals of your product and some of its features. This will attract them more.

3. Offer Product Recommendations

About 31% of an e-commerce site’s revenue is based on personalized product recommendations. Because of this, it is imperative to create a list of relevant products with each of your items.

personalized email example 2

You can utilize many factors to create a highly personalized email to bring customers back into your store. These include:

  • Purchase History
  • Demographic Data
  • Browser Search Details
  • Product Interactions
  • Preferences and Behavior

4. Use Triggered Emails To Reduce Cart Abandonment

About 70% of users who visited your website could move away without purchasing even after adding products to the cart. To reduce the percentage of users doing this, you can create a triggered email; sent to the customers when they leave any product in the cart without purchasing for a few days. To increase the effectiveness of your emails, follow below tips.

  1. Specify the items that the customer has left unpurchased.
  2. Include a link back the product so that it will be more convenient for them to follow it back.
  3. Use FOMO (fear of missing out) – stating that only a few items are left.
  4. Offer some discount or free shipping to push your buyer over the line.
  5. Add some reviews in order to increase the trust and motivate them to buy the product.
  6. Suggest some other items that might be a better fit against the particular product that was left in the cart.

5. Structure Your Content According to Customers’ Intentions

To accelerate your customer down the sale funnel, optimize the effectiveness of your content. Your material should be organized according to the lifecycle stage of the customer. You must utilize some useful tools such as Crowd Writer, Academist Help, and Grammarly that can help you to create content according to your requirements.

  1. Customers in the ‘Awareness’ stage will be more attracted to the information that defines your brand and builds trust and credibility.
  2. Include more details about the features of your services if the customer is at the ‘Consideration’ stage.
  3. Attract potential buyers with discount offers and limited time sale.
  4. For your existing customer, award them with exclusive offers, and you may also ask them to provide awareness about your brand to others.

I recommend you to take some time and think about how you can add more personalization to your emails as it is the best way to engage more customers and boost your conversation rate. Without a doubt, personalized emails play far better than your regular newsletter. Hence this is the right time to change your strategy and build a family out of your customers sending some personal emails.

Author Bio: Spending a lot of time with new people is one of the favorite hobbies of Stella Lincoln. She focuses a lot on fitness and loves art, music, and culture. Apart from that, Stella is a mother of two, and she is working as a Marketing Strategist at Australian Masters.

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