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Migrating from Jilt to an Alternative Email Marketing App

Jilt has announced that they are shutting down. 

They are no longer accepting new users and come April 30th, 2022 existing users will no longer be able to use their email marketing services.

If you’re a Jilt user, this leaves you with no choice but to find an alternative to continue your email marketing.

And once you find an alternative, you then have to migrate all of your subscribers, email templates, automations, and more over to your new email marketing platform. After which you’ll have to change your Jilt signup forms as well. 

All of this can understandably be a headache. 

As a busy merchant, you don’t want to spend large amounts of time worrying about your email marketing. You just want it to work. 

That’s where SmartrMail comes in. 

SmartrMail: The best Jilt alternative available

Like Jilt, SmartrMail is a simple to use email marketing app that plugs into WooCommerce stores as well as stores on other platforms including Shopify, BigCommerce, Maropost, and PrestaShop. 

And just like Jilt, our mission is to let you grow your online store with customizable email templates, an easy-to-use email composer with product look-up, powerful automations, and detailed analytics. 

SmartrMail also has several features and improvements over Jilt. 

A couple of particularly powerful and useful ones include a drag and drop popup creator that provides much more design customization and pre-made automations. 

At the end of the day though, if you’re a Jilt user, you’ll feel right at home with SmartrMail. 

The main difference is that, unlike Jilt, SmartrMail isn’t going anywhere. 

Free Jilt migration service

What’s the best thing about SmartrMail though? 

We’re offering current Jilt users a free migration service to get you fully set up with SmartrMail. 

Sure you can work your way through Jilt’s 7-step migration guide yourself, or you can leave it up to a member of SmartrMail’s customer success team to do it for you. 

We’ll migrate all your contacts, templates, automations, and sign-up forms over so you can continue your email marketing with minimal disruption. 

To take up this offer, simply message our customer success team through the chatbox in the lower right corner.

We’ve done this before

This isn’t the first time we’ve helped merchants migrate over to SmartrMail for free following a disruption with their old email platform. 

Back when Mailchimp abruptly left Shopify as a platform, we offered Mailchimp users the same free migration service. 

Here are some of the 5-star reviews past Mailchimp users who took up our offer have left for us on the Shopify app store: 

“Was so nervous when our previous app was no longer supported by Shopify but I’m so glad it happened! Customer service is amazing, responses are informative & SmartrMail is so easy to use! Can’t recommend enough.”

2Tech Ltd.

“Forced to switch away from Mailchimp due to the Shopify integration and so glad we were forced to make this move! SmartrMail is superior to Mailchimp and the customer service is outstanding which has made the switch very smooth.”

Eternal Creation

“Customer service was lightning fast and took care of everything for us. Imported lists and even copied our template. Loving digging into all the super easy features of this app.”


“I made the change from Mailchimp for various reasons but mainly because of the fact Mailchimp will not be easily integrated to Shopify anymore. I made the move yesterday and one day later I am fully operational thanks to the very efficient migration team at SmartrMail.


The bottom line

Disruptions are never ideal, but they’re a reality we have to deal with. 

And the reality at the moment is that Jilt will suspend its email marketing services for all users on April 30th, 2022. 

While it’s completely up to you what you do to continue your email marketing beyond this date, there is one bit of advice we want to give: Don’t wait until the last minute.

Your email marketing is too important to be left in the lurch.

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