Mailchimp’s Shopify Integration is Gone: What’s Next

The Mailchimp Shopify Integration is Gone: What’s Next?

It’s official: the Mailchimp Shopify integration is no longer available for new stores. Mailchimp released a statement over the weekend saying that they requested to be removed from Shopify’s App Store. Stores that are already using Mailchimp as their email marketing solution will be able to continue to do so until the 12th of May, when Shopify’s new terms come into effect.

Email marketers currently relying on the Mailchimp Shopify integration will need to find a new solution before this cutoff date.

For their part, Mailchimp has offered several workarounds to enable ecommerce marketers to continue using their services. One solution they suggest is to manually add new customers to your email lists – something that is incredibly time intensive and still doesn’t allow for any email marketing automations such as abandoned cart emails.

Another option is to use a third-party integration such as ShopSync or Zapier. The issue with this however is that these workarounds lack all the features you’d normally be able to use with Mailchimp (such as product retargeting, email collection pop-ups, and personalized product recommendations in Zapier’s case). The third-party integration that Mailchimp is recommending its users opt for the most, ShopSync, also currently has a very low 2.8 star average rating on the Shopify App Store.

After the shock news of the discontinuation of their Shopify integration, these proposed workarounds likely do little to comfort the thousands of store owners out there with less than two months to find a solution. The hard truth is that if your online store is on Shopify, Mailchimp is simply no longer a practical email marketing solution.

Despite the options that Mailchimp has presented its users with, there are many better solutions that natively integrate with Shopify. One of those is SmartrMail.

SmartrMail: The Mailchimp Alternative for Shopify

SmartrMail is built for e-commerce merchants who want to get more sales from their email marketing. With a truly deep Shopify integration, we’ve built in all the best practice email automations you’ll need to generate sales from email.

In matter of fact, you’ll probably find that you’re achieving greater results with SmartrMail than you ever had with MailChimp. Let me show you why.

Faster Email Marketing for Shopify

Composing emails, whether for manual email newsletters or when setting up an automation like a welcome email, is incredibly easy and efficient with SmartrMail. Just take a look at how quick it is to insert a product from your Shopify store into an email:

Compose emails for shopify faster than mailchimp

With just one click, you’re able to import a product’s image, price and description right into your email. No longer will you have to worry about copy-pasting details and saving images from your Shopify store to your computer before uploading it again into your email.

SmartrMail also comes with predefined email templates that make composing a whole range of different types of emails quicker. All you need to do is start adding your content, there’s no need to worry about laying out the structure. You can also customize the templates and create your own custom design templates.

Shopify Email Marketing Templates

Truly Advanced Email List Segmentation

Mailchimp was designed with one-off email blasts in mind, and even though they added segmentation features later on, these never truly reached the level running a Shopify store requires.

SmartrMail goes beyond just segmenting based on opens and clicks and allows you to segment based on a range of ecommerce relevant factors including:

  • Product specific purchase activity such as whether a particular product was purchased or not.
  • Order value and history including customer lifetime value and purchase frequency.
  • On-site activity such as whether a customer has abandoned a purchase.
  • Demographics including a customer’s location, date added, email address and more.
  • Shopify tags

Personalized Product Recommendation Emails

personalized product recommendation email shopify

SmartrMail makes it easy to send the right products to the right customers. This is achieved by analysing your customers’ purchase history and browsing behaviour to deliver automated, personalized emails with products your customers will actually want to buy.

You can also set the product recommendation emails to prefer items in your store that you’ve just added, having a hard time selling, or that are on sale. Meaning that if you have regular sales, you can set up an automated sale email that not just advertises products that are on sale, but those that the individual subscriber is most likely to purchase.

All of this can be set up with just a few clicks in SmartrMail, after which you don’t need to spend any more of your time or effort. Whereas this was never possible with the Mailchimp Shopify integration.

Install SmartrMail Banner

Automated Email Marketing for Shopify

Perhaps the best thing about using SmartrMail for your Shopify email marketing instead of Mailchimp is just how advanced you can get with your automations. This is where the extra possibilities for email list segmentation begin to shine. By using SmartrMail, you’re able to automate a vast number of different types of email flows including:

  • Welcome Email Series
  • Abandoned Cart Follow Up Emails
  • Up-Sell and Cross-Sell Emails
  • Reactivation/Win-Back Emails
  • Thank You Emails
  • Personalized Product Recommendation Emails
  • Order Follow Ups
  • Product Review Campaigns
shopify abandoned cart email example

Once you set these automations up, you don’t have to worry about them again. They will continue to send like clockwork all-the-while generating you extra sales and revenue for your Shopify store.

Migrating from the Mailchimp Shopify Integration to SmartrMail

We’ve been saying for a while now that Shopify store owners need a better solution for their email marketing than Mailchimp. Now that Mailchimp has decided to leave the Shopify App Store once and for all, now is a better time than ever to migrate to an email marketing app focused on getting you more sales.

Fully integrating SmartrMail with Shopify only takes a few clicks from the Shopify App Store too.

However we understand that if you already have multiple templates and automations set up within Mailchimp, transferring your email marketing across to a new app won’t be as simple. Depending on how long you’ve been using Mailchimp for, this could potentially take a significant amount of time.

To help make this transition easier for stores affected by the removal of the Mailchimp Shopify integration, for a limited time we’ll manage the entire migration for free, a saving of $249!

That means if you’re a Shopify store signing up to SmartrMail from Mailchimp, we’ll migrate all your templates, email lists, automations and sign-up forms across absolutely free.

You can also sign up for a free one-on-one demo of SmartrMail here.

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Still on the Fence?

You might be thinking that it’s very convenient that we’re recommending that you choose SmartrMail as your Shopify Mailchimp alternative. That’s a fair thing to be thinking, we are obviously biased when it comes to how we view our product.

But it’s not just us saying great things about SmartrMail’s features.

Collectively we have over a hundred 5 star reviews across platforms including Shopify and Capterra. You can also read a case study on how Honua Hawaiian Skincare made the switch from Mailchimp to SmartrMail last year and saw a boost in sales as a result.

Shopify even set an email out recommending us as an alternative email marketing app.

shopify email recommending mailchimp alternatives

With our 15 day free trial, you can also try SmartrMail completely risk free without even needing to add a credit card.

One of the things our customers rave about is our awesome customer support, so if you have any questions about migrating across from Mailchimp, or anything else to do with email marketing, don’t hesitate to send us a message. We’re always happy to help out stores with their questions!

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