A Quick eCommerce Marketing Guide to Avoid Spam Filters

A Quick eCommerce Marketing Guide to Avoid Spam Filters

Even the best legitimate email marketers can find their emails running into spam filters. According to ReturnPath, American businesses saw nearly one in four permission-based emails land in the spam folder or go missing in 2015. While there is no quick fix to achieving 100% email deliverability, there are some quick checks you can do to make sure you’re consistently putting your best email forward…

1. Avoid Making a Sales Pitch

It’s easy to add in buzzwords such as discount, save, shop, and sale when you’re setting up an ecommerce email. Unfortunately spammers use these exact same words. If your email looks, smells, and feels like spam, its not going to make it through a filter. Mix in content through your email that isn’t selling products. Take an example from Urban Outfitters who include a intro to their latest blog post:

Urban Outfitters Email Example

Source: Urban Outfitters

2. Balance Images with Text

Amazon Email Example 1

Many spam filters will pick up emails that are images only. On top of that, many subscribers will not be shown to users without their permission. It is best to incorporate text and buttons alongside your images to increase readability and make it through spam filters. This is best illustrated by the #1 ecommerce retailer in the world:

Source: Amazon.ca

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Forgetting or having an unclear unsubscribe link can result in subscribers flagging your email as spam. Which hurts your IP address’ reputation. When you send through an ESP your email is delivered through their servers, so if one person sends spam, it could mark every user’s deliverability. Don’t do it! Just don’t do it!

4. Check for Spelling Mistakes

Sorry to sound like your year 3 teacher, but check your work! Spam emails are constantly riddled with spelling mistakes. If the infamous Nigerian prince had less typos his email deliverability rates would skyrocket!

Nigerian prince jokes

Source: seemikedraw.com.au

5. Make Sure to Use a Reputable Email Service Provider

SmartrMail Dashboard

ESPs that send only solicited emails and ban spammers from their platforms have greater credibility with mailbox providers such as Gmail, Hotmail, and Outlook. Your ESP should be registered with SenderBase, so they can properly investigate every complaint generated in response to their users’ campaigns. SmartrMail’s team regularly monitors users and any complaints that come in, so we can disable the sender’s account and investigate immediately.

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