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14 Thank You For Your Order Email Examples & Tips

For such a small gesture, saying thank you can leave a long lasting positive impression on someone. If you are looking to increase your customer satisfaction, continue reading below for some of the best Thank You For Your Order Email Examples & Tips

That’s why shopkeepers happily thank customers everytime they make a purchase–to build a relationship and show gratitude. 

The problem with online stores however is that it’s not possible to personally thank shoppers the same way you can in person. That’s why order success pages display a “thank you for your order” message once payment has been made. But these messages lack any kind of personal touch and don’t leave customers feeling appreciated.. 

Thank you emails, on the other hand, give you a golden opportunity to engage your customers with a genuine heartfelt message that shows your appreciation. And below are 14 of the most creative, original and ingenious thank you emails. 

Thank You For Your Order Email Examples & Tips

1) Bellroy’s ‘Settled in yet?’ 

thank you review request email

Not all thank you for your purchase emails are sent straight after someone places an order. Which is why you shouldn’t confuse them with order confirmation emails

Thirty days after purchase, Bellroy, for example, sends out an email effectively asking whether their customer is happy. 

This is not the first thank you email Bellroy sends (you don’t have to limit yourself to just one), but checking in again after a month reassures people that Bellroy is committed to customer service. 

Asking how likely they are to recommend them to a friend also lets them identify customers who are dissatisfied with their purchase. By doing this, Bellroy is then able to reach out to these people in an attempt to correct any issues and have a better chance at keeping them loyal. 

2) CREAM’s Thank you for your order email

thank you for your order email

Apart from ice cream not being your typical online purchase, this email from CREAM is fairly standard. What is worth noting however is the ‘Give $100 Get $100’ offer at the bottom. 

Loyalty programs are a great way to turn one time shoppers into repeat customers and thank you emails are the perfect opportunity to let people know about yours. 

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3) Allergy Buyers Club’s instructional email

thank you email campaign

Educating people on how to use your product is a great idea. Afterall, if they’re not using it properly, they aren’t getting the full benefit of it and may not come back to you again. Allergy Buyers Club works in visual instructions into their email thanking customers for their recent purchase to do this. 

If you have a product that requires some setting up, then sending this kind of email just before your customer’s shipment is due to arrive is a great way to show your appreciation again without coming on too strong. 

4) Sleep Country’s ‘Our gift to you’ 

sleep country example

Nothing says thank you like a generous discount offer. 

Chances are this email from Sleep Country is only sent after a repeat customer reaches a certain threshold of orders or dollars spent. This way, Sleep Country is able to reward their most loyal customers and show their appreciation without losing too much margin. After all, existing customers are 8x more likely to order again and their average cart value is double that of new customers. 

5) Allbirds’ ‘Thank Ewe’ 

thank ewe

Allbirds sells footwear made from superfine Merino wool from New Zealand, and with some clever copywriting, they’ve managed to weave in an ewe into their email. While the rest of the email ticks all the boxes by being simple and clean, it’s the play on words that makes it stand out in people’s inboxes.

Unless by remarkable coincidence you’re also selling sheep products, you won’t be able to steal their copywriting genius, but that doesn’t mean you should settle on just ‘thank you’. Get creative and brainstorm some ideas for wording that works with your brand. 

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6) CBDfx thank you email campaign

template design

Designed to look like an actual envelope, this email design is what separates it from others on this list. 

To avoid your campaigns from getting lost among the countless others in people’s inboxes, don’t be afraid to venture out with your design. Just be sure it follows good design practices

7) Hudson’s Bay’s “Thanks so much” 

message to loyal customers

Hudson’s Bay’s email is probably the most quintessential thank you email on this list. 

It doesn’t try to drive more sales, or educate, or get the recipient to sign up to a loyalty program. All it does is simply thank the customer for their recent purchase in a genuine way. 

With a subject line like “We just wanted to send you a quick thank you” and showing gratitude without having an underlying goal of making another sale makes this email come across as sincere. 

8) Tarte’s “Thanks, Marjorie”

template design example

This type of thank you email is effectively an order confirmation, letting the customer know that their order has been received. And as far as order confirmation emails are concerned, this example is lacking obvious details like what was purchased, billing, shipping address and some kind of order ID or number. 

What makes it stand out as a thank you email however is the large “thanks, Marjorie!” heading. 

With the benefits of personalizing email marketing abundantly clear, it’s a wonder that more emails on this list haven’t bothered to address their customers by name. 

The lesson here is that few words sound as sweet to someone as their own name, so making one’s name stand out in your thank you email is a great way to boost engagement.

9) Abercrombie & Fitch’s “We’re honored”

thank you for your purchase email

A simple yet beautifully designed email that capture’s Abercrombie & Fitch’s brand to a tee. 

The message of gratitude for customers making the decision to purchase with them does a much better job of building a relationship than just saying thank you. The simplicity of this email also helps draw people’s attention to the message as it’s not competing with any other images or calls-to-action. 

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10) Methodical Coffee’s “Thanks for your support”

customer service

Thank you for your order emails are a great opportunity to incentivize repeat purchases. Especially if you include an offer like this one from Methodical Coffee. 

To avoid setting the expectation of always receiving a coupon after a purchase, you might want to hold off on including one after someone’s first purchase. Instead after a few orders, you can instead include one in a more general ‘thanks for your support’ email like in this example.

11) Warby Parker’s “a great big thank you” email

thank you email customer

This thank you email has an ulterior motive: getting people to complete a survey. 

Doing this is absolutely fine however, and starting off by thanking your customers for their support comes across much better than just flat out asking people to fill in a survey. Adding the possibility of winning a gift card makes it even more likely that people will fill it out. 

Seeking the occasional feedback from customers is also recommendable as it helps ensure you’re offering the best possible shopping experience.

12) Kate Spade’s ‘thank you’ email

thank you email

Another email that’s designed to look like an envelope. This one is not strictly a thank you for your purchase email, but for signing up to their email list. 

Thank you for signing up emails are in many ways just as important.

Even though signing up might not seem like such a big deal, it’s a big first step toward becoming a paying customer. Thanking someone for signing up shows that you appreciate the trust they have placed in you and that you’re a trustworthy business.

13) Tinker’s “thank you for an amazing year”

thank you email marketing

The end of the year is a great time to send out a general thank you for your support email to those who have purchased from you. Wishing people a happy new year also helps with building a relationship and boosting customer engagement. 

Whether you include a sale offer or not is up to you. Including one obviously increases the chances of getting more orders, but simply sending a straight up thank you without a promotion will likely improve your brand image over the longer term.

14) The Home Depot’s product recommendations

home depot example

While this email from The Home Depot mightn’t be winning design awards, what it does do well is include personalized product recommendations. These are essentially just products selected from a customer’s past purchase history and browsing data that they’re most likely to be interested in. 

If you’re sending a general thank you email, you might just want to include product recommendation blocks. But if you want to take it to the next level, you can set up your own cross-sell email campaigns for popular products based on items you know go well with them.

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Setting up your own Thank You For Your Order Email

Now it’s time to come up with your own automated thank you email campaign. 

When doing so, remember that it’s worthwhile segmenting your campaign based on whether someone is a first time buyer, or repeat customer. 

For first time buyers, your thank you email can be product specific and you should follow up with a review request email to ensure their first experience with your brand is positive. 

After someone has made a few purchases from your store, a more general ‘thank you for your support’ email becomes more appropriate. 

You can also create dedicated campaigns for specific products. If a product requires assembly, you could include instructions in your email along with a physical copy with the item. If an item is handmade, you might also want to include some background on the maker to enrich the experience. 

However you decide to set up your thank you emails, remember sincerity should always be the ultimate goal. 

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