Frequently Asked Questions

What is SmartrMail? What does it to?

SmartrMail is an email marketing app for Shopify, BigCommerce and Neto stores. We make it easy to automatically send the right products to right customers using machine learning.

Why do I need this?

According to Shopify email marketing is the key to ecommerce. Shopify recommends email marketing as it is a compelling driver of traffic and sales beating out Twitter and Facebook combined. It also has the highest return on investment clocking in at 4,300%!

I already send an email newsletter. Why do I need SmartrMail?

Newsletters are great, but the majority of e-commerce revenue from email marketing is generated by triggered automations. Creating a proper newsletter takes a lot of time and subsequently stops marketers from setting up automations and generating sales. We solve this problem by making everything from designing a newsletter to segmenting your list so easy that you can do it in 5 minutes or less. By automating the hard part of creating emails we ensure you can automate a steady stream of sales.

Who receives the SmartrMail email?

Your customers and prospects that have chosen to receive email marketing will receive the emails.

What products get sent?

We use a mix of historical sales data, behavioral data, and personalization to always send the right products to the right customers.

Can I pick the products?

Yes! If you don't want to use our recommendation engine you can use our manual email feature allows you to pick any product, make edits, and send.

Can I customize the email?

Yes! We have a drag and drop editor and also have the option for you to add custom HTML. After logging in to SmartrMail click the menu in the top right corner, then select "design your email".

Are your emails mobile optimized?

Yes! We test all our emails on Litmus so they are fully responsive and look great on mobile devices.

Who are you guys? Can I trust you?

We're the same team that runs the NYC email service provider (ESP) company called Sendicate. We spend our time sending many millions of emails per day, so you might say we know how to put an email together. We also co-founded Australia's largest online art gallery – Bluethumb.

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