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All the resources you need to create a winning Black Friday / Cyber Monday email marketing strategy.

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Free Email Templates

Get branded email templates for your Shopify store complete with your logo and store's branding.
Multiple templates available for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Use them to start sending emails immediately.

SMS Black Friday

Black Friday is massive. In 2021 Shopify merchants online made $2.9 billion in sales, an increase of 21% from 2020.
This makes Black Friday one of the biggest days for sales during the year.

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Popular trends that will improve your Black Friday Sales

Black Friday is coming up and it's the perfect time to launch your business into the next level. In this video I talk about the trends we learnt from last year.

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3 Black Friday Email Marketing hacks

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Start early and grab people's attention

I recommend brands this year to take a new approach. Start early, very early. Use email marketing to send sneak peaks weeks in advance, send official kick-off emails on the day, and SMS marketing beat inbox competition.

Make your offer simple, front and center

In a world where prices are increasing on a daily basis, shoppers are always on the hunt for great deals. Your store might have a lot to offer, but if your subscribers have to search for your deals, it is likely that many will miss out. Make your offers as simple as possible.

Make sure that all of your automations are ready to go

The Black Friday + Cyber Monday weekend is the busiest weekend of the year for eCommerce. Make sure that your welcome email series is up to date and that your abandoned cart email series temporarily sends with a shorter delay in between emails.

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Expert Black Friday campaign ideas

We asked 18 seasoned marketers for their top Black Friday and Cyber Monday campaign ideas and tips. Check out what they came up with to get some ideas for your own campaign.

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Resources & guides for Black Friday

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Great Black Friday email examples

Sometimes it can be had to create an email design that stands out in your subscribers' inboxes.

If you're stuck for inspiration, check out these 10 great examples of Black Friday email campaigns that are sure to inspire you.

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The greatest Black Friday campaigns ever

Get inspired by some of the greatest Black Friday marketing campaigns ever.

Whether you're stuck for ideas or just want to check out some great examples from the past, you're sure to find something that you can take away and use in your own marketing.

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Collection of Black Friday subject lines

Coming up with a great subject line has never been more important than this Black Friday Cyber Monday weekend.

If you're struggling to come up with subject lines, check out our list of over 100 Black Friday subject line examples that you can use.

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Additional Cyber Monday resources

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Cyber Monday email examples

Cyber Monday is no longer Black Friday's oberlooked younger sibling. It requires its own dedicated email campaign.

Get inspiration for your Cyber Monday emails by checking out these great examples.

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Collection of Cyber Monday subject lines

Just as it's important to be sending dedicated Cyber Monday emails, it's vital to make them stand out with powerful subject lines.

For help with coming up with your Cyber Monday subject lines, check out this list of 100 examples you can use yourself.

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Tips for pacing emails over the weekend

Get tips on the best way to schedule your Black Friday and Cyber Monday emails out in the lead up to and over the weekend.

Learn how to maximize the sales opportunity without annoying your subscribers with too many emails.

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Free webinar

Rewatch our webinar to learn how you can drive more sales than ever before this Black Friday with email marketing.

In it we cover everything from how you can start growing your email list, proven strategies to make your emails more effective and when and how many emails you should be sending.

Partner webinar

Rewatch our joint webinar with Blank Theory and Just Uno on how you can make the most of the surge in Black Friday sales by turning your new customers into brand ambassadors.

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