5 Shopify Apps Perfect for Dropshipping

5 Shopify Apps Perfect for Dropshipping

Admit it: you love automation.

That’s the whole appeal of running a dropshipping business – you get to automate inventory management and order delivery and still make plenty of money.

But did you know that there are more tasks you can automate with Shopify apps?

Below you’ll find 5 apps that will help you save time, energy, and money on your dropshipping business.

1. Spocket

spocket shopify app

Spocket is the leading, largest dropshipping marketplace for US and EU products with carefully vetted suppliers.

They offer branded invoicing, fully automated order processing, fast shipping and a world-class customer support team.

When it comes to product quality and consistent suppliers, Spocket is leading the way and taking dropshipping to the next level.

2. Oberlo


Oberlo allows you to find thousands of dropship-able products, import them into your store, and then ship it directly to customers.

This makes running an e-commerce business much less risky and much more affordable. You don’t have to spend money on inventory or design your own products. All you need is to browse the marketplace, pick products you like, and then import them with one click. Oberlo will take care of the rest!

Install SmartrMail Banner

3. SmartrMail


We’re a little biased, but the reason we created SmartrMail was to make email automation and personalization easy for all e-commerce stores – there’s no way we wouldn’t include ourselves in this list!

Most dropshipping stores are just getting their feet wet in e-commerce and aren’t email marketing experts by any means. SmartrMail makes it super easy to set up powerful automations that drive sales.

SmartrMail has many of the same functionality as other email marketing apps, meaning that it allows you to send regular newsletters, but it also gets you more sales by making it easy to automate and personalize emails like product recommendations, post-purchase cross-sells, and win-back campaigns.

And did you know that personalized product recommendation emails drive up to 167% more sales than the mass emails? You can’t afford not to use them.

4. Retail ready photos by Pixc


High quality product photos are extremely important – 67% of online consumers consider them to be more important than product information and customer ratings.

But what can you do if you aren’t a professional photographer and are clueless with Photoshop?

No need to worry – that’s where Pixc’s app can help you. Here’s how it works:

  • You take pictures of your products.
  • You use the app to send those pictures to Retail ready photos team.
  • They edit the photos and send them back to you in 24 hours.

That way you get professional looking photos at an affordable price without having to hire a professional photographer. Neat, right?

This is especially useful to dropshippers because high quality photos can help them to stand out in a competitive environment where many people are selling similar products. By ordering a few sample products, taking some photos and uploading them to Pixc – you can make your dropshipping store the cream of the crop.

For more Dropshipping product photography tips read: How to Boost Drop Shipping Sales: 5 Simple Tips for Amazing Product Images



Fomo is a social proof marketing app.

It displays the recent activity of your customers (orders, reviews, etc.) on your storefront, letting others know that your business is bustling.

This might not sound like a big deal, but additional social proof makes your store look more credible in the eyes of potential customers, and encourages them to buy, thus increasing your sales.

Other honorable mentions

Expertrec Shopify search bar

expertrec search app

Expertrec adds a beautiful search bar to your Shopify store in a single click. It adds google like search features like autocomplete, spell correct, voice search, filters, price sliders to your Shopify store. It also provides in-depth search analytics that helps you understand what website visitors are searching for in your store. At $9 per month, Expertrec is one of the best value for money Shopify search apps.

What are your favorite apps?

These are my favorite apps that are perfect for dropshipping. What are yours? Let me know in the comments!

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