7 Beauty Brands on Shopify with Glamorous Emails

7 Beauty Brands on Shopify with Glamorous Emails

Need some inspiration for designing a beautiful email template? What better place to start looking than with these 7 different brands on Shopify that are all about beauty?

This might sound shallow, but looks really do matter with email. Think about it – would you rather read through an e-commerce email newsletter with a bunch of bright colours and pretty pictures, or a boring one with black text on a white background? We’ve collected some glamorous emails to help you achieve your own email aesthetic.

But it’s no use sending out beautiful emails if they have no substance. So we’ll also be discussing how these 7 emails are also great at encouraging conversions.

1. Skinnydip London

Skinnydip London beauty email newsletter

What we like:

The colour schemes in the images used really work to highlight Skinnydip London‘s new brushes. By placing the hot pink-coloured brushes on top of sky blue and white backdrops really draws attention to the product, without making the email too busy. That’s what product newsletters are all about – to let potential customers know about your great new products.

We also like how Skinnydip London addresses the reader directly, using ‘you’ and ‘your’ as pronouns. This makes the newsletter more personal, so recipients don’t feel like they’re just a number.

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2. Essence Makeup

essence makeup beauty email newsletter sale

What we like:

Essence Makeup keep this email short and sweet, so that nothing detracts from the main goal of this newsletter – letting everyone know that there’s a 25% off sale.

The inclusion of dollar signs over the body of the email, combined with the written text, remind the reader of the money they can save if they take this sale as an opportunity to buy some products. We also really like how the the brand’s signature colour purple is used throughout the email: in the logo, buttons, body and social media icons.

3. Beauty Bakerie

beauty bakerie email newsletter memorial day sale

What we like:

Beauty Bakerie does a good job of capturing the cutesy sweet aesthetic of their products in this memorial day sale email. The polka dot background, the images, and pink font colour really match their vibe.

Their use of a contrasting electric blue colour to draw attention to their ‘Worldwide Free Shipping’ offer, as well as to their call to action buttons, is really smart. We also love how they use puns that combine both baking and make up, which brings a little bit of clever comedy to the newsletter.

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4. Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics

obsessive compulsive cosmetics beauty email newsletter product recommendations cross-sell

What we like:

The use of bright, bold colours in this newsletter from Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics really captures readers’ attentions. The different font sizes also draw the eye to the huge “40% OFF SITEWIDE” sale.

Finally, this cosmetics company does a great job of making the text in the newsletter easy to read, by creating different blocks of text, and separating these with the background in between.

5. Bluemercury

bluemercury cosmetics beauty make-up email newsletter

What we like:

The title and the first product image set an overall beachy tone to the newsletter. The use of navy blue text and buttons on the white background complement this with a nautical colour scheme. This colour combination is restrained and makes the email appear mature, which also goes well with Bluemercury‘s branding.

We also like how the email attempts to cross-sell by showing a number of other products that complement the Sunset bronze and blush palette, which the email aims to showcase. Why not suggest some more items in a product newsletter, if it can lead to higher sales?

6. Jeffree Star Cosmetics

jeffree star cosmetics beauty make-up sale newsletter email

What we like:

This newsletter really emphasizes Jeffree Star’s signature star logo. We see it in the email header, and on all the products featured in the email. This helps to establish the Jeffree Star Cosmetics brand across multiple aspects of the email.

We also like how they feature a model with a prominent Cupid’s bow piercing – it gives a little edge to the newsletter, which matches Jeffree’s aesthetic perfectly.


OFRA cosmetics make-up beauty welcome email offer code

What we like:

The vivacious first image really captures the reader’s eye with different pops of colour. This brings some excitement to an otherwise understated and subtle email newsletter. It also works well because the warm colours contrast with the cool colour scheme nicely.

As a welcome email, OFRA does a good job at encouraging a first purchase with an offer code, as well as using text to welcome the recipient before actually suggesting any products.

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