The Best Black Friday Email Templates You Can Use Right Now

The biggest weekend of sales of 2023 is about to kick off with Black Friday on the 24th of November. 

And if there’s one thing that’s more certain than merchants offering massive discounts it’s that they’ll be sending plenty of Black Friday email campaigns. And for good reason too. 

Email campaigns are directly responsible for a fifth of all online store visits over the holiday and consumers who convert through email spend 138% more compared to those who through different channels. 

None of which is particularly surprising seeing as email is the most profitable and effective marketing channel.

So with merchants understanding the clear importance of sending emails this Black Friday, the only thing standing in their way is creating the actual emails. 

How email templates can help

Designing and composing emails can take time. Especially when you’re creating them from scratch. 

Email templates, however, significantly reduce the time and amount of work you need to put in to get emails out.  

Templates provide the structure and layout for your email along with some generic imagery to improve the design of the email. From there, all you have to do is add your own content to customize them how you’d like. 

SmartrMail’s free Black Friday templates take it a step further

The downside to most email templates you download online is that you’re usually only given a PDF or Photoshop file that you then need to try to get to work with your email app. 

The difference with the email templates below, however, is that you don’t need to download anything.

Instead, you just enter your store’s domain and branded Black Friday templates are automatically generated based on your online store’s design. 

If you then connect your store with SmartrMail, you can then customize the templates with products from your store by looking them up and adding them with a single click. You can then tweak the design however you like and add additional images and text to your heart’s content. 

Send emails to your customers right away

Because you’re doing all of this in SmartrMail, you don’t have to worry about whether the templates are compatible with your email service provider or not. 

When you first connect your store with SmartrMail, you’ll automatically begin a 15-day free trial. During this time you can send emails to your entire email list, so if you connect SmartrMail now, you’ll be covered for your Black Friday email campaigns. 

The trial is also 100% commitment-free and you don’t have to add any credit card details. 

This means you can connect SmartrMail now, quickly and easily customize the templates below and add your own products in a single click stress-free. 

Black Friday email templates you can send right now

So what are these templates you can take advantage of right now? 

Well at the moment there are 6 Black Friday and Cyber Monday email templates you can use: 

1) All-purpose Black Friday template

black friday email template

This is a good general, all-purpose Black Friday template to get you started. 

After you connect SmartrMail, your store’s logo will automatically be added to the top of the template and the fonts will reflect your current site’s design (as will be the case with all the templates on this list).  

Of course, you can customize and change the images and text however you want. 

You can get the template here.

2) White Black Friday template

white black friday template

Most Black Friday templates tend to be quite dark (it is Black Friday, after all). 

For stores where the dark vibe doesn’t suit them all that well, there’s this brighter, more minimalist version of the general, all-purpose template.

You can get the template here.

3) Fashionista style template 


Of course, things aren’t all black and white. 

This fashionista style template is a good in-between option that’s warmer and well suited for fashion and apparel brands. 

Black Friday email design shouldn’t be all monotone. 

You can get the template here.

4) Fitspo Black Friday template

black friday template

If you sell anything related to fitness, this fitspo inspired template is the way to go with your Black Friday sale emails. 

You can, of course, add your own products directly from your store in a single click complete with description, price, and link to buy once you’ve connected SmartrMail. 

You can get the template here.

5) Cyber Monday sale email template

cyber monday email template

Cyber Monday also demands its own email campaign, which you can get out quickly with this template. 

Again, like with all the templates on this list, once you connect SmartrMail with your store, your logo will be added to the template automatically and fonts will change to match your store’s design. 

You can get the template here.

6) Cyber Week template

cyber week template

What started off as a single day of sales on Black Friday morphed into a 4-day weekend event with Cyber Monday. Now merchants are increasingly holding week-long sales dubbing it “Cyber Week”. 

If you want to get in on the Cyber Week action too, then this template is a good starting point. 

You can get the template here.

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More templates are also available 

The above are templates designed specifically for Black Friday and Cyber Week sales. 

However, SmartrMail has plenty of other templates you can use as well. Below are a few examples of them. 

Black Friday email templates from SmartrMail

Start sending now

With Black Friday approaching quickly, there’s no time to waste in getting your email campaigns out into people’s inboxes. 

The sooner your customers receive your emails with your sale offers, the sooner they’ll decide to shop with you instead of with one of your competitors. 

By connecting your store with SmartrMail and starting your 15-day free trial, you’ll be able to use these templates to get your emails out faster than ever before. 

You can connect your store with SmartrMail and get the templates here.

What’s the catch? 

Free Black Friday email templates? Free trial to send them to all your entire email list in time for Black Friday? It might seem too good to be true. 

There is no catch. 

The free trial is just that: free. Completely free. There’s no requirement to continue using SmartrMail after the 15 days nor do you have to upload any sort of payment details that we’d sneakily charge if you didn’t cancel after your trial expires. 

After your trial, it’s up to you whether you actively decide to continue on a paid plan (read: you have to actively upgrade to a paid plan yourself). 

If you have fewer than 1,000 subscribers, you’ll also have the option of continuing on our free plan as well. Albeit with slightly fewer features and no live chat support. 

The only thing close to a catch is that we currently only integrate with Shopify, Bigcommerce, Neto, PrestaShop, and Woocommerce stores. 

So if your store’s on any of these platforms, there’s no reason not to start a free trial to get these templates now

Additional Black Friday resources

Black Friday templates aren’t the only resource we have to make your job easier. 

To help inspire you further, we also have a collection of Black Friday emails along with examples of Black Friday subject lines which will be very useful in terms of getting people to open your email. 

We’ve also got plenty of other resources including past webinars and guides for Cyber Monday. You can check them all out in our Black Friday email marketing hub here.

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