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10 Easter Email Marketing Campaigns to Inspire Your Own

To help you get your Easter email campaign out, we’ve put together this collection of email inspiration to help you generate some ideas.

Easter is one of those holidays that creeps up on marketers every year and serves as a wake-up call for how quickly the year is progressing.

It’s also one that’s important not to overlook. Not only is a great chance to connect with your customers, but it’s also a lucrative sales opportunity.

And with Easter coming early in 2021 (April 4th for Easter Sunday), it’s no wonder email campaigns are already starting to appear in people’s inboxes. 

So if you haven’t started thinking about your own Easter campaigns, now’s the time to, pardon the pun, hop to it. 


Why send an Easter sale email?

Before getting to the emails though, it’s worth going through exactly how much of an opportunity Easter is for marketers. 

According to the National Retail Federation, 4 in 5 Americans celebrate Easter with the average adult spending $151 on Easter-related purchases totaling nearly $20 billion nation-wide.

This makes Easter the fifth largest holiday in terms of sales in the US. In the UK, the figures are even more impressive with Easter being the second largest sales holiday just behind Christmas.

And it’s not just Easter eggs and bunnies people are purchasing either. 

Over $3 billion is expected to be spent on clothing and a further $3 billion on non-food or candy gifts.

Easter email design inspiration 

So now that you hopefully see the great opportunity Easter presents for your store, let’s get to the examples of past Easter campaigns.

1) Rifle Paper

easter email marketing example

Rifle Paper’s email is a perfect example of a typical Easter campaign. 

There’s an Easter egg front-and-center, a 10% off Easter offer, flowers to reference the changing seasons, a call-to-action to “Shop Easter,” and even a cheesy “eggcelent” pun. 

If you’re just looking to send a standard Easter email, this example provides a good template to work off. 

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2) Thornton’s

easter marketing campaign

Unlike most Easter email campaigns, this email from Thornton’s was sent well before the Easter weekend. 

That’s why it invites subscribers to take a ‘sneak peek’ of that year’s Easter collection. This kind of Easter promotion can make customers feel valued and has a degree of exclusivity. 

If you still have time, getting an early teaser style email out to your customers is a great way to boost engagement. You’ll then obviously want to follow this up with your more standard Easter emails as the weekend approaches.

3) Hotel Chocolat

example of great email design

Hotel Chocolat’s email is another example of a standard Easter campaign. Except, instead of opting for cartoon images of Easter bunnies and eggs, they’ve kept their design high-end. 

This shows you can get in on the Easter action regardless of where you position your brand.  

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4) Criquet

happy easter email

Criquet’s email campaign shows that your Easter marketing campaigns don’t necessarily need eggs or bunnies to emphasize the holiday and that you can hold an Easter sale regardless of what you sell. 

Instead, this campaign taps into the related changing seasons and spring themes with its pastel colors and product choice. 

The email still maintains an Easter theme with the copy like ‘egg hunts’ and the ‘hop to it’ call-to-action.

5) Rituals

easter deal email campaign

Another campaign that again shows that you don’t have to sell Easter eggs or hot cross buns to send an Easter email, this example from Rituals adds a bit of interactivity to the customer experience.

Instead of just funneling people through to the same gift finder landing page, customers are able to select between three different price points. This produces more tailored results which will help improve conversion rates.

It doesn’t have to be different price points either. It could instead be links to different collections or, if you’re also doing a gift finder you have people choose who they’re purchasing for (wife, husband, friend, child, etc.).

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6) Scandic

easter bunny email message

Scandic’s campaign is an excellent example of tapping into people’s feelings during the holiday period and presenting your offering as a solution. 

In this case, that’s people feeling exhausted by having to buy Easter eggs and setting up hunts for their children, visiting friends and family, or whatever else might be tiring people out. Scandic then positions their hotels as the perfect solution for some rest and relaxation. 

All of this is communicated through their great use of imagery which also keeps the email Easter themed.

7) Frank And Oak

last chance email campaign

Not all last-minute emails have to be half-baked or a slapdash effort. 

It can actually be quite powerful to send the last email in your campaign on the last day of your sale as a ‘final chance’ style reminder. 

These types of emails are great at triggering people’s fear-of-missing-out (FOMO) which can often be enough to push any wavering potential buyers across the line. 

This particular email also ups the sense of urgency by including a countdown timer showing exactly how many hours, minutes, and seconds are left of the sale. 

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8) COVID easter email

covid easter email example

Easter 2020 was severely impacted by COVID and for a lot of people, Easter 2021 will be too. 

Depending on what COVID regulations and business restrictions have been like for your region, you might want to consider sending a simple update email just to keep your customers in the loop like with the example above. 

This can be particularly useful to ensure that people know you’re open for business so you don’t lose out on any sales because people assumed you were closed.

9) DJI

email with easter eggs

DJI’s email is a perfect example of how any brand can create a simple yet effective Easter campaign that’s easy to understand. 

There’s no fluff and no detailed product jargon despite the technical nature of their products because that’s not needed in the email. It can be found on their website. 

Instead, the email is distilled to just the essence points: when the sale is, how much you can save, and a call to action. 


easter bunny email egg hunt

A not-that-uncommon Easter marketing idea stores sometimes implement is a site-wide Easter egg hunt on their website. 

Customers who find an Easter egg are then rewarded with a special offer. 

While this requires more work on their part, it also gets them exploring your site more and coming across products or services that they likely didn’t know about before. 

This makes virtual egg hunts a great way to get more people visiting your site and increasing their knowledge of what you offer.

Wrapping up

Easter is a great opportunity to hold a sale and connect with your audience. 

Not only is it a widely celebrated holiday, but it is also one of the biggest events of the year in terms of sales. 

And now that you have plenty of email inspiration to work with, it’s time to start creating your own Easter email campaign. 

After you’re finished with the email, be sure to give it a great Easter subject line as well.

If you’re still looking for more email inspiration, check out the Easter collection Really Good Emails has put together.

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