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The Top 10 Shopify Blog Themes in 2021 to Drive Sales

Every day over 4.4 million blogs are written.

And a lot of these blogs are posted on Shopify. And the efficacy of blogs in attracting an audience, building brand awareness, and even driving sales has been proven time and time again.

However, blogs won’t bring in any sales unless you work on them. And the first step to creating a blog that helps you attract new customers is finding the right blog theme for your Shopify store.

But there are hundreds of Shopify blog themes. You do not just have to analyze these themes from your blog’s perspective. But also from the overall perspective of your business too.  

To save you from having to rummage through the options, we’ve put together this collection of the top 10 Shopify themes of 2021. And these themes have the potential to stay relevant now and into the future.

Check out the options and find the most suitable one for your Shopify blog.

The best blog themes for Shopify in 2021

1) Avone

avone shopify blog theme

Price: $59 

Avone is a comprehensive theme. And it has a superb blog layout. But that’s not all. It has a lot of other features too. This ensures that you can build an active community of readers. And wow your audiences with stellar product pages. As a multipurpose theme, Avone comes with every feature that you need for your online store. Plus, it is 100% mobile responsive and optimized for cross-platform usage. This means your audience won’t face any issues while reading your blogs (and shopping!) from any device.

Avone also comes with complete documentation that can help you understand customization controls.

2) Zeexo 

zeexo blog theme for shopify

Price: $29

Zeexo is a multipurpose Shopify theme that opens up unlimited options for users. With beautiful blog layouts and 108 skins, it is a great buy at its price.

Zeexo is mobile, and SEO optimized too. It helps businesses strike a balance between selling products and offering content. 

It is easy to use and customize, and even newcomers can get started with it in minutes. Also, it doesn’t compromise on features and will be a delight for pro users too.

3) Editorial

editorial blog template

Price: $160

If storytelling is your style of selling, Editorial is the blog template for your Shopify store. A cool and breezy theme, Editorial lets you take control of your content. It comes with mobile optimization, SEO-friendliness, and cross-browser compatibility.

The best feature of Editorial is that it comes with Related Product and Related Blog pages. This is in addition to homepage videos, product image zoom, and two styles of collection pages.

If you tactfully add product suggestions on the blog page itself, you can generate sales directly from the blog with Editorial.

4) Broadcast 

broadcast shopify theme

Price: $180

Broadcast is a Shopify theme that is perfect for entrepreneurs who believe in getting work done, fast. To make your Shopify blog an indulging experience for visitors, Broadcast comes with blog comments, avatars, and social sign-in. With such features, you can let your customers start conversions. And this is a great way to build a better brand image.

Some other features that the theme comes with include color swatches to show what color variants are available for the product. And a dedicated testimonial section. Homepage videos, lookbook features, and mobile optimization features are also available out of the box.

5) Narrative

narrative theme

Price: Free

Narrative, as the name suggests, is a blog theme for Shopify stores with a heavy focus on content. You can also add pictures on the homepage and other pages to make sure your story gets a dash of visual appeal.

Also, the theme comes in four styles, Earthy, Warm, Light, and Cold. The functionalities remain the same across the versions. But they have slight elemental differences. The Warm version, for example, doesn’t come with an option to add videos to the slider on the home page. Light and Cold versions, however, let you do that.

The blog section (in all the versions) lets you add helpful tips and content for your readers. This helps build brand awareness and increase engagement.

Best of all, Narrative is a free Shopify blog theme!

6) Cascade

cascade theme

Price: $180

Cascade is a unique and modern theme that is instantly attractive. With a customizable color template and large images to break the monotony of text, you can easily grab attention and promote sales. Text, images, a pop of colors, and seamlessly integrated products differentiate Cascade from other themes.

The blog section can be populated with a mix of text and large images. The images will instantly hook your audience. And all you have to do is use compelling content that closes sales and creates a positive brand image.

7) Ella

ella blog template

Price: $79

Ella is among the most downloaded themes on Shopify. And that is not without good reason. It is a powerful blog theme with a mobile-optimized design.

You also get 10 homepage layout options and 6 layout options for the blog template as well. Users can also choose from a full-page blog layout or a blog layout with sidebars. The full blog page layout is ideal for those brands that don’t want to come off as too pushy for sales. You can focus entirely on content in your blog section and let the words do the selling. Or you can use the sidebar to show product recommendations. This way, the Ella theme lets you combine the power of words and images to drive sales.

8) Lorenza

lorenza shopify blog theme

Price: $180 

Lorenza is a Shopify blog theme that is designed for boutiques. But it is inspired by editorial websites. And that is what makes it a perfect choice if you want to have a brilliant blog section.

The theme comes with a lot of customization options to make your blog section stand out from the crowd. Also, the presence of white spaces makes the transition easy. It ensures that your audience’s eyes glide through your blog posts.

An especially fascinating factor about Lorenza is that it comes with an option to add your product collections in between the blog posts. Businesses can use this feature to turn their ardent readers into loyal customers.

9) Emerge 

emerge blog theme for shopify stores

Price: $180

Emerge is a very sensibly designed blog theme for Shopify stores that have both products and services to sell. The blog layout is simple to navigate and easy on the eyes. Other than displaying your products, you can also explain your services using this theme.

The homepage is bright and brilliant. You can either keep the layout as it is. Or you can also tweak around a bit to give the theme a more sophisticated, editorial-type vibe.

Other features of this theme include mailing list pop-up, predictive search, and multilevel menu. Also, the pickup availability option lets local users know when products are available for pickup from your store.

10) Vogue 


Price: $180

Vogue, much like the name suggests, is all about visual appeal and images. With a continuous product scroll feature, Vogue is a Shopify blog theme that is best suited for businesses that want to showcase their products in the best light.

Other than displaying stellar images and a lookbook feature, Vogue also comes with a dedicated blog section. You won’t have to spend much time customizing the theme as the developers have done a great job here.

Also, the blog theme is mobile-friendly, SEO optimized, and comes with free stock photos by Burst.

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Wrapping up 

All these themes can help you run a great blog for your Shopify store. However, these themes might not give your blog an exclusive look and feel as others are using it too. If you need a Shopify blog theme that is truly unique, you can hire a Shopify developer and get a custom blog theme built.

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