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The Top 5 Shopify Hardware Stores to Inspire Your Own

Are you thinking about starting your own online hardware store on Shopify? 

Whether you’re looking for some inspiration or just wanting to check out what the competition is doing, we’ve put together this list of Shopify hardware stores to inspire your own. 

And it’s not just the online stores that are impressive, but also the stories behind how the founders started selling online.

Many of them also started where you likely are now: either with a passion for good quality hardware and looking to start a side hustle or take an already existing bricks-and-mortar hardware online for the first time. 

So let’s check out, in no particular order, their Shopify hardware stores and the stories behind them.

The top hardware stores on Shopify

Life and Home

life and home shopify store

Life and Home is a small, family-owned and operated startup based in Brooklyn. 

Their mission is to offer a range of efficient and reliable products for your home and garden through an easy and seamless online shopping experience. 

The result is one of the best examples of a hardware-style Shopify store we’ve come across. 

It’s got everything people looking to take on a DIY project or some home improvements could want. 

Visiting their online store, you’ll also notice a smooth experience finding products thanks to their well-organized mega menu in their top navigation bar. 

Because hardware stores typically offer a much more extensive range of products than other types of stores, letting your customers browse easily and quickly locate what they’re looking for is a vital part of your Shopify store design. 

Visit Life and Home’s Shopify store here.


schoolhouse shopify hardware store

Schoolhouse was founded in the Pacific Northwest by Brian Faherty in 2003. 

Today, Schoolhouse operates out of a 109-year-old brick factory in Portland, Oregon where they continue their mission of building on the rich heritage of classic American designs to “reimagine the familiar.” 

This has generated plenty of high-quality, handcrafted pieces that communicate sophistication and elegance. 

Unlike other Shopify hardware stores, Schoolhouse is definitely at the upper end of the market which is reflected by their online store. 

Visit Schoolhouse’s Shopify store here.

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semihandmade shopify hardware theme

Heading from the top of the hardware market back toward the middle is Semihandmade. 

Semihandmade has its origins in a simple question founder John McDonald asked: Could we make doors for Ikea cabinets?

From that question back in 2009, Semihandmade launched in 2011 with a system of handmade add-ons to complement Ikea furniture so that customers could further customize their homes. 

Today Semihandmade is not just one of the best hardware style Shopify stores you’ll come across, but has also been named one of America’s 500 fastest-growing private companies. 

Knowing that they cannot compete with Ikea’s prices or the scale of larger retailers like 

Amazon, Semihandmade focuses their efforts on product quality, uniqueness and customer service. 

Visit Semihandmade’s Shopify store here

Nest Studio

nest studio shopify store

Nest Studio is another hardware/furniture retailer similar to Schoolhouse in that they focus on creating high-quality, designer products. 

Founder Jessica Davis launched the business in 2012 after she struggled to find suitable knobs and pulls for her interior design projects which inspired her to tailor-make her own pieces.

The pieces Nest Studio now produces draws on Davis’ extensive experiences from her Chinese and European heritage to growing up in Australia to now living in the United States. 

The resulting Shopify store is well worth checking out. 

Visit Nest Studio’s Shopify store here


casson hardware store

Casson is another Shopify hardware store with an interesting back story. 

It started off when founders Megan Cassidy and Jane Son met on their first day of Architecture school back in 1996 at the University of Toronto. 

Their passion for bringing beautiful hardware into the modern environment led them to start Casson in 2017. 

With over 30 years of combined experience in the industry, their hardware store is definitely worth checking out. 

Visit Casson’s Shopify store here.

Over to you

So there are our top picks for the best Shopify hardware stores. 

Hopefully, you’re now fired up and eager to start selling your own hardware and furniture online, or if you’ve already started selling online through Shopify, to make improvements to your store. 

When you get your store up and running, be sure to check out our email marketing for hardware stores guide to ensure your store is as successful as it can be.

If you know of any other great hardware style Shopify stores, feel free to mention them in the comments below! 

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