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10 Examples of Great St. Patrick’s Day Emails Campaigns

Green top hats, shamrocks and even green beer — St. Patrick’s Day is the time to celebrate all things Irish.  And even if your store has nothing to do with Ireland, it the perfect time to run some holiday themed marketing campaign. Keep reading to check out our hottest St Patrick’s day emails!

Especially seeing as the National Retail Federation anticipates more than 139 million Americans to spend an average of $40 each on the celebration. Totalling over $5 billion in the United States alone. 

It’s not just the United States either. St. Patrick’s Day is the most widely celebrated national holiday in the world, with celebrations from Argentina to Australia to Japan.

So to help give you the luck of the Irish with your email marketing, we’ve collected some of our favorite St. Patrick’s Day emails. 

1) Homage

homage - st. patrick's day email

There’s no beating around the bush here. Homage’s email has everything your stereotypical St. Patrick’s Day email has: extensive use of green, cliches including ‘Get Lucky’ and ‘Your Lucky Charm’ and a corny St. Paddy’s Day limited edition item.  

Beyond the holiday themes, the email follows all of email marketing best practices: a prominent call to action, clear product imagery and engaging copy.

2) The Company Store

the company store email example

The green background in this email from The Company Store makes it pretty clear that this is a St. Patrick’s Day campaign. But what you might not notice straight away is that the offer of 17% off is also holiday themed. 

St. Patrick’s Day always occurs on March 17, so incorporating the number 17 into your campaigns is a good way of reinforcing the holiday theme. 

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3) Forty Seven

forty seven - st. patrick's day email

Forty Seven’s St. Patrick’s Day email keeps a light touch with their use of green. This lets their product images stand out against a simple background. 

The line “Make Your Own Luck” upstages the typical “it’s your lucky day” and makes the subscriber feel empowered. 

4) Lumosity 

lumosity email design

Lumosity zigs where everyone else zags.

“You don’t need luck. You need Premium!” grabs people’s attention not because it employs St. Patrick’s Day stereotypes but because it doesn’t. 

The rest of the email also follows best practices, with a clear call-to-action, simple imagery and no large slabs of text. The green background also keeps the email St. Patrick’s Day themed without relying on any cliches like shamrocks, top hats or beers.

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5) Leesa

leesa st. paddys day email campaign

With the subject line “Knock Knock…” you’d never guess that this is a St. Patrick’s Day themed email from Leesa. After opening the email, you still won’t know this until you’ve read the text messages. 

While the joke might be lame, the format does a great job of keeping people engaged and  tying the holiday in with their product offering. 

The “Get lucky with Leesa” heading again combines the holiday with their product in a tongue-in-cheek way.

While you won’t be able to replicate this email, the takeaway here is that great holiday themed emails tie the event in what’s being sold and the company’s branding seamlessly. 

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6) Your Tea

your tea - saint patricks day example email

If you’re lucky enough to be selling a product that’s already green, then you’re going to have an easier time creating your email. 

That said, even though many tea leaves are naturally green, Your Tea has instead decided to go with an image of Shamrocks. They have also introduced a bit of interactivity into their email by getting people to click on the ‘luck clover’ (the four leaf clover) to access their offer.

In reality, people can click anywhere on the image to receive their free green tea, but this is still a nice touch. 

7) Life Is Good

life is good - saint patrick's day

This email from Life Is Good carries on with the St. Patrick’s theme of green but adds a bit of variety. 

Instead of limiting themselves to the one or two shades of the common Saint Patrick’s green, they’ve introduced a variety of different shades. The subtlty here makes the email more engaging by not being monotonous with the St. Patrick’s theme. 

8) Petal & Post

petal and post email template example

Petal & Posts email is a good example of staying on brand with the pastel colors and cursive fonts. The light purple background also contrasts with the green well.

If you look closely, you’ll also notice that Petal & Post have a 17% discount and free shipping. Another subtle way of tying the campaign back in with St. Patrick’s Day. 

9) Boden

boden example of email campaign

Boden’s St. Patrick’s Day email provides a welcome splash of colors other than green. This makes for an eye popping design which highlights their products.

Seeing as rainbows with a pot of gold at the end of them are an Irish cliche, we’re surprised that so many email marketers limit themselves to just green in their email designs. 

10) Klean Kanteen 

klean kanteen - email for st. patrick's day

Klean Kanteen wins the award for most creative St. Patrick Day email with their “Irish blessing”. Instead of going for the hard sell, they’ve instead opted to embrace the spirit of the holiday. 

Taking a break from always trying to make a quick sale with your emails gives you a chance to build a relationship with your customers. Which in the long run will be much more beneficial than a discount offer. 

So if you have the time, it might be worth having a crack at writing your own limerick to include in your email. 

Over to you 

Now that you have some inspiration to work with, it’s time to start creating your own St. Patrick’s Day emails. 

Just remember not to limit yourself to just using a green background and throwing in some cliches. What made some of the above emails so great was that they thought outside of the box and came up with something original. 

Once you have your email ready, you might want to check out our list of St. Patrick’s Day subject lines too.

Best of luck with coming up with your email campaign! 

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