St. Patrick's Day email subject lines

75+ St. Patrick’s Day Email Subject Lines

Try your luck with our favourite St. Patrick’s Day Email Subject Lines

What’s the most important part of your St. Patrick’s Day email campaign? 

The call to action? The email design? How about the copy? 

All of these things are undoubtedly important, but most of the time they won’t even matter if you don’t get your subject line right.

Why? Because a third of your email list decides to open your email or not entirely on your subject line. 

That’s why we’ve curated this list of over 75 St. Patrick’s Day subject lines from past email campaigns. To help give your St. Patrick’s Day email campaign the best chances of success. So feel free to use them as inspiration for your own subject lines. 

General St. Patrick’s Day subject lines

  • St. Patrick’s Day is just around the clover! – Packers Pro Shop
  • All set for your St. Patrick’s Day celebrations? – 
  • Top of the wine to you – Bottlenotes
  • Our St. Patrick’s day shoes are almost here! – Brooks Running (UK)
  • Send an Authentic Gift with our St. Patrick’s Day Gift Guide – Reserve Bar
  • Sparkle in our Festive St. Patrick’s Day Jewelry Designs – Nature’s Jewelry
  • Unearth your Irish roots this St Patrick’s Day – Findmypast
  • Shop the St. Patrick’s Day Collection – Vineyard Vines
  • 7 Toys That Are Funny When You’re Drunk – BarkShop
  • Celebrate St. Paddy’s Day with Uber Eats – UberEats
  • New Irish Whiskey. Just in Time – 
  • St. Patrick’s Day surprise! –
  • Happy St. Patrick’s Day to our sweet friends! – See’s Candies
  • Get Ready To Celebrate In Style This St. Patrick’s Day – Blarney Woollen Mills
  • See the match made in St. Patrick’s Day heaven – Carthartt
  • St Patrick’s Day Themed Necklace & Earrings – Red Panda Beads 
  • Accent Your Holiday in our Festive St. Patrick’s Day Selections – Potpourri
  • Shop St. Patrick’s Day Party Supplies Today! – Paper Mart
  • Get Ready for St. Patrick’s Day with ReadyGOLF – ReadyGolf
  • Get Ready for St. Patrick’s Day, Find a Surprise Under the Rainbow! – We Love Colors
  • Thinking about St. Patrick’s Day? – Food Ireland

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Subject lines with emojis

Adding an emoji to your subject line is a great way to make it stand out in people’s inboxes. 

When it comes to St. Patrick’s emails, the most popular emoji choices by far are the three and four leaf clovers (☘️ 🍀). 

In line with St. Patrick’s Day themed emails, a green heart (💚) and rainbow (🌈) are also popular choices. To give your email an even better chance at standing out, trying using other holiday themed emojis, such as crossed fingers (🤞) for good luck, a top hat (🎩) or even the Irish flag (🇮🇪).

Below are some examples of subject lines that have used emojis in the past.

  • Shop for St. Patrick’s Day 💚 – UrbanOG
  • 🍀 St. Patrick’s Day is a month away! – Put Me In The Story
  • St. Patrick’s Day Lucky Deals Start NOW ☘ – GoneforaRUN 
  • What’s at the end of the 🌈 – Edible Arrangements
  • Feeling lucky? Win $500 in FREE Postmates credits! 🍀💰 – Postmates
  • Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Follow the 🌈 – Bon-Ton
  • Drink me, I’m Irish 🍀 – Mini Bar
  • Feeling lucky? Win up to 25% off your order 🍀 – Forever 21
  • 🍀30% off 🍀LUCKY 🍀YOU 🍀 – Payless ShoeSource
  • 💚 The color to wear right now! 💚 – Moon and Lola
  • 🌈Have a Shamrocking St. Patrick’s Day!  – Template Monster
  • 🍀 St. Patricks Day Celebration – Steals
  • Are you ready for St. Patrick’s 🍀 Day? – Steve Spangler Science
  • 🍀 The St. Patrick’s Day Mini Tour Kicks Off Next Week! – Old Chicago
  • Celebrate St. Patrick’s 🍀 Day! – US TOY Co
  • ☘️ St. Patrick’s Day favorites are here! – See’s Candies
  • 🍀 Gear Up for St. Patrick’s Day with 20% off 🍀 – NBC Store
  • Cheers to St. Patrick🍻 – Windy City Novelties
  • ☘️ Sham-Rock In Style This St. Patrick’s Day ☘️ – Blarney Woollen Mills
  • ☘️ The St. Patrick’s Day Collection is Here – Pittsburgh Steelers
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Lucky subject lines

The “luck of the Irish” is a common St. Patrick’s Day cliche, which makes it unsurprising that many email marketers try to make their subscribers feel lucky in their email campaign. 

  • Huge St. Patrick’s Day Event ~ You’re the Lucky One – Nature’s Jewelry
  • Make Your Own Luck – Forty Seven 
  • It just might be your lucky day – Banana Republic
  • You Don’t Need Luck, You Need Premium! – Lumosity
  • The luck of the stylish – Ben Bridge
  • ☘️Get Lucky – Shop Our St. Patrick’s Day Collection – Discount Flags
  • LUCK OF THE DRAW | Draw a Lucky Clover and Save! – Gravitypope
  • You’re about to feel lucky – Nautica
  • Huge St. Patrick’s Day Event ~ You Are Lucky – Potpourri
  • St. Patrick’s Day Lucky Deals Start NOW ☘ – LuLaLax
  • Test Your Luck ~ Great St. Patrick’s Day Event ~ Buy Now – Potpourri
  • 🍀 Lucky You! St. Patrick’s Day Texas Tech Gear is Here – Red Raider Outfitter

Green subject lines

Few things are more strongly associated with St. Patrick’s Day than the color green. 

Using the word ‘green’ in your subject line then immediately lets your subscribers know that your email is about St. Patrick’s Day. If you want your email to stand out though, consider using a green emoji like the examples above.

  • Go Green in NHL St. Patrick’s Day Gear! – NHL Store
  • Get Lucky, Shop Green – Poppin
  • St. Paddy’s Day Sale, All Items Green, White & Boozy –
  • What does green mean to you? – UNIQLO
  • Celebrate St. Patrick ’s Day! Save some green with great deals! – BrylaneHome
  • We’re Seeing Green (In the Best Way Possible) – Diamond Nexus
  • Go Green for St Patrick’s Day at Boost! – Boost Juice

Subject lines mentioning sales

Many stores celebrate St. Patrick’s Day by holding a sale. 

If you decide to offer your subscribers a special discount, you’ll definitely want to include your offer in your subject line. There are few things that’ll incentivize your email list to open your email more than the prospect of a bargain. 

If you’re wondering why the number 17 appears so often, it’s because St. Patrick’s Day always occurs on March 17th. A subtle way of keeping with the holiday theme. 

  • Look, a leprechaun! J/K, Mystery Flash Sale. – Hot Topic
  • Gear up early for St. Patrick’s Day with 20% Off! – CLE Clothing Co.
  • We’re Dublin this 17.5% Discount – Lucky You – Lumosity
  • 20% OFF Ballroom Jeans – No Blarney! – Duluth Trading Company
  • 40% Off Lucky Green Charms – The Limited
  • St. Pat’s Hats & Tees + 20% Off – Party City
  • Save up to $45 Your Lucky Day! – San Francisco SPCA
  • Lucky Leprechaun Loot! Ties Start at Just $17 – Beau Ties
  • What’s Your Lucky Secret Savings? Click to See! – Hartstrings
  • Enjoy a FREE Guinness with your roast to celebrate St Patrick – Toby Carvery
  • Enjoy 17% OFF | Happy St. Patrick’s Day! – Doggyloot
  • Lucky Break Save $25 Off Any Purchase $150 or More – Gordon’s Jewelers
  • 20% Off Peterson St Patrick’s Day Pipes – Carey’s Smokeshop
  • 25% Off Select YETI 🍀 Plus St. Patrick’s Day items! – Palmetto Moon
  • The Pot of Gold Event Ends in 4 Hours! – Chocoley

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Subject lines mentioning free shipping

Free shipping is the next best thing after a generous sale. Especially if your store is entirely online and you rely on shipping your customers’ orders to them. 

  • 17% OFF ☘️ FREE SHIPPING pot of gold TODAY. Charm yourself. – Grandin Road
  • Lucky You! FREE Shipping, Any Order + 100s of St. Patrick’s Day Party Picks – Oriental Trading Company
  • Get FREE SHIPPING for St. Patrick’s Day – Steven Hall

Now that you have plenty of subject line ideas…

By now you should have plenty of ideas for potential subject lines to use with your St. Patrick’s Day email. 

You might even have multiple ideas that you want to try.

As the luck of the Irish would have it, SmartrMail has A/B testing tools which make trying out multiple subject lines easy. You can start A/B testing emails you send with SmartrMail right now by starting a 15 day free trial

If you find yourself wanting more help with writing subject lines, we’ve also got a detailed guide that includes email marketing tips on using call to actions, subject line length and more. 

And if you haven’t created your email yet, we’ve got a collection of St. Patrick’s Day email campaigns that will help inspire your own email design.

Best of luck with your email campaign! 

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