Best Shopify Automation Apps

The 10 Best Shopify Automation Apps for 2021

If you have a Shopify store, you know exactly how much time you have to invest to run the entire operation successfully and smoothly. Don’t get me wrong: Shopify is a brilliant platform that makes it very easy for people to start selling online, to be sure.

In spite of that, there are still too many associated tasks that you have to deal with when you sell online. There’s answering emails, running ads, manually sending newsletters, tracking orders, attending to customer service, ensuring that your products are in stock, etc.

That’s why we created SmartrMail – the email marketing solution for busy store owners. Each detail and feature is designed to make email marketing easy and automated, regardless of your skill level.

Sure, we automate your email marketing for you, but that’s only one piece of the puzzle. There’s still a slew of killer Shopify apps that are readily available to help you manage your store more efficiently without having to invest as much time.

Here, in no particular order, are the best Shopify automation apps for 2020.

Back in Stock

Isn’t it the most annoying occurrence when your store’s out of the exact product your customers want? If they can’t find it in your store, they’re bound to go elsewhere…unless…of course, you give them the option of signing up for a back-in-stock email alert!

This app does just that, featuring an easy installation process that will allow your customers to immediately be notified when products they want to buy are back in stock. Thanks to Back in Stock, as soon as a product is available again, this app sends them an alert complete with a juicy “Buy” button!

Increase your sales, and don’t lose out on customers.

back in stock app screenshot

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Some call it biased, we call it proud. After years of frustration with clunky email providers that made it impossible for e-commerce store owners to get targeted and timely emails out, we had enough and created SmartrMail.

With our automated product recommendation emails, you no longer have to come up with a selection of products every week that may or may not interest the majority of your customers. Our advanced recommendation engine sends each of your customers a personalized selection of products they’re most likely to buy – based on their past purchase history, browsing behaviour, and email clicks.

On top of that, we packed the app with an abandoned cart email series feature, welcome emails, and the fastest newsletter composer ever. All at a lower cost than other Shopify email apps. We even have a free plan which includes email automations for up to 1,000 subscribers!

SmartrMail Shopify Email Marketing App

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Prisync is a competitor price tracking & dynamic pricing software for any size of Shopify store. It automates the collection of price and stock availability data to assist Shopify merchants in e-commerce, retail, and marketing decisions with updated data. The dynamic pricing engine takes this to another level by keeping stores at the “sweet spot” where profit margins grow while keeping highly competitive pricing in the market.

Prisync is the most reviewed pricing software around the world with very satisfied users from over 50+ countries. Start your free 14-day trial from the website today to get ahead of pricing wars before it’s too late.

Prisync Shopify App

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Rewind: Backups for Shopify

What could be worse than losing all of your vital Shopify store data? Not much comes to mind since your operations will be gravely affected if not all-out torpedoed if your store data disappears through a hack or glitch. Thankfully, Rewind is a simple, Shopify app solution that lets you back up your entire store data. Losing all of your customers’ data can cause serious problems, so you can use tools like С to make it easy to import this data into google spreadsheets

Here’s how it works. This app performs automated, secure backups of every bit of info that’s necessary to running a successful online store. This includes backups of:

  • Your products
  • Product images
  • Customer reviews
  • Themes/theme files
  • Customer orders
  • Customer data

Don’t lose sleep again with this automated, backup solution.

Rewind App

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Shipway – Shipping Automation

When you’re receiving increased customer demand and purchase orders on your Shopify store, it can be difficult to manage shipping manually. This is where a shipping automation app like Shipway becomes incredibly useful and simplifying your workflow.

The app takes care of your order processing, fulfillment, NDR management, returns, and exchange, along with customer communication, which can all be managed and automated in the one app.

Shipway also enables you to generate and print bulk shipping labels with one click and automatic package & carrier allocation, improving your order fulfillment speed by 50%.

shopify shipping automation app

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SaleHoo Dropship

SaleHoo Dropship is a dropshipping and inventory automation app for Shopify online stores.

It grants Shopify store owners access to SaleHoo’s vetted and verified dropshipping and wholesale suppliers, where users can easily populate their stores with products handpicked and researched by SaleHoo’s in-house analysts and experts.

The tool also provides detailed information for every product they can import to their Shopify store. From product cost, supplier rating, shipping information, sales volume, up to high-quality product images that they can use for their stores.

salehoo app

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As a business grows bigger and bigger, its costs get more complex and difficult to track. The profit, therefore, lies hidden behind “fancy” yet misleading numbers like revenue.

TrueProfit takes all the hassle out of profit calculating, by automatically tracking costs and outputting important metrics like net profit, profit margin, cost breakdown. You can easily manage each product’s cost of goods sold, shipping cost, transaction fee, Facebook ad spend and other custom expenses.

You can also dig deeper into product analysis to understand which of your products are actually more profitable, in order to focus on the right ones.

trueprofit shopify app dashboard

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Now, you’re able to automate your order processing with ShipStation, the effective rules engine that simplifies the entire shipping procedure for Shopify store owners. Think of ShipStation as your go-to shipping-process solution.

It takes care of order processing, customer communications, and the production of shipping labels, all through an online platform that seamlessly integrates with major carriers.

Gone are the days of printing labels piecemeal. ShipStation lets you process and print hundreds of labels in just one batch. Print your pick lists, labels and packing slips to your personal printer or any printer on the planet.

ShipStation Shopify App

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As your Shopify store grows, keeping track of your shipping and inventory will get increasingly difficult. At least if you don’t find a way to automate keeping track of it. One of the best apps available on the Shopify app store to help your store achieve this is Veeqo.

With Veeqo your inventory levels are synced across all of your Shopify stores, sales channels, and marketplaces in realtime. What’s more, it also allows you to control and manage your entire shipping process directly within the app. This will save you considerable time as you can ship orders easily within the one platform. No need to deal with multiple platforms or exporting/importing CSV files.

Veeqo Shopify App

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Many Shopify store owners find it difficult to accurately predict their stock levels and either end up with large surpluses or running out of product. This is where FutureMargin steps in. FutureMargin utilizes AI to intelligently predict your future inventory levels and demand forecasts.

FutureMargin also has a simple user interface that lets you browse, sort, and filter predictions with ease allowing you to save time. This is a must have app if you want to avoid running out of product again or if you’re looking to save time with your inventory management.

FutureMargin Shopify App

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Bonus Apps

We just couldn’t not mention these great Shopify apps as well:


When starting a blog or a webshop, many beginners find it difficult to customize the layout of their pages. So if you’re looking for an easy way to build and customize the pages on your website, that’s where DragDropr comes in handy.

DragDropr is a universal drag&drop page builder that works on any leading content management system like Shopify, WordPress, Magento and others. DragDropr lets you create, edit and design the content for your website, webshop, or any other web content by simply dragging and dropping.

With DragDropr, no prior knowledge or coding skills are required. You can build entire landing pages, or quickly change any existing content with a simple drag & drop action. DragDropr offers more than 200 pre-designed and fully editable content blocks. You can also build one totally from scratch. That gives you a wide range of possibilities to customize your web pages, webshop products or any other web content to skyrocket your conversions.

dragdropr shopify app screenshot

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The Watchlyst

One of the biggest grips of online stores is the reality that most visitors to your stores will unfortunately not make a purchase—definitely not on the first visit. There should be a way to cope with these bounces, and, luckily, there is. It’s the Watchlyst Shopify app.

This automated solution shows price alerts to your visitors who aren’t yet ready to buy on the first browse. After you install this app, it does all the work, everything including:

  • Positioning the price-drop alert button on your store
  • Capturing leads
  • Keeping track of product prices
  • Sending customers email alerts

Thanks to the Watchlyst, more visitors to your online store will end up converting.

The Watchlyst Shopify App

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Start 2020 Off Right

If you have a Shopify store, then you’re already doing too much. From growing your business and ensuring that you’re never out of your most popular products to email marketing and everything in between, there just don’t seem to be enough hours in the day to do everything!

Thankfully, this list of the most time-saving Shopify automation apps will ensure that you find an app that makes you more efficient than ever, sell more, and feel less stressed. After all, having a Shopify store should mean that you’re your own boss and feel more in control than ever, doing exactly what you want instead of being a slave to the clock.

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