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The Top 10 4th of July Memes to Use in Your Marketing

Check out our top 4th of July memes! With over three-quarters of Americans celebrating the 4th of July and billions spent on holiday-related purchases, the 4th of July is a major opportunity for marketers. 

Whether it’s through email marketing, social media, or any other marketing channel, the challenge many marketers face is connecting with their audiences. 

And what’s one easy way to make your marketing campaigns instantly resonate with millions of Americans? By including some great memes. 

That’s why we’ve curated our top picks for the best 4th of July memes that you could possibly work into your marketing. 

4th of July memes

Freedom rings

freedom rings meme

Freedom Eagle is perhaps the most popular 4th of July meme. 

While this ‘freedom rings’ version is a good generic one you could incorporate into your marketing, you can also easily customize the text to say whatever you want.

If you could work your product or service into something about freedom, you’ll have a great meme to use in your campaigns.

Will Smith – Independence Day

will smith 4th of july meme

Another one of the most popular 4th of July memes is the one of Will Smith from Independence Day. 

This is obviously a funny meme that isn’t supposed to be taken seriously and instead taps into American movie culture. 

This makes it a great option if you want to go with something light-hearted and funny, but isn’t one you can really customize with your own text.

Happy birthday to those born on the fourth of July

happy birthday to those born on the fourth meme

If you were born in the United States on the 4th of July, you can be forgiven for thinking that the entire country was celebrating your birthday. 

Even if you weren’t born on Independence Day, it’s worth remembering that some of your audience will be celebrating their birthdays on the fourth. 

If you want to target these people in your marketing, then this meme with Leonardo DiCaprio is one you have to include.

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Brace yourselves

brace yourselves independence day meme

Whether it’s New Year’s or 4th of July fireworks, people love taking videos of fireworks displays with their phones. This then results in the inevitable flurry of uploads on social media.

While this is a meme that most of your audience will likely be able to relate to, it’s a perfect choice if you sell high-quality video cameras or offer video editing software. 

Terrible boom nightmare day for pets

4th of july meme

Speaking of fireworks, they also make Independence Day one of the worst days of the year for pets, especially dogs. 

Not only does that make this meme one that pet owners can instantly relate to, if you sell pet food, toys, or accessories, it’s a prime candidate for your marketing. 

Even if it’s just an educational email or social post reminding people to take care of their pets when fireworks are going off. 

I didn’t say it, I declared it

michael scott I didn't say it I declared it meme

Why just announce your 4th of July sale when you can declare it?

Obviously relating to Thomas Jefferson and the Declaration of Independence, this meme featuring Michael Scott from The Office is another popular one that gets shared on the 4th of July. 

And you can use the meme to declare anything you want to declare. 

I can’t hear you over my freedom

I can't hear you over my freedom meme

This is another popular Freedom Eagle meme that makes the round at this time of year. 

Again, the background is so iconic, you can easily change the wording to whatever you want and it will still scream American pride to your audience.

Fire works on the 4th of July

fire works on the 4th of july meme

This 4th of July meme is an excellent and funny example of a play on words. 

You could easily use this meme to remind your audience of all the people who have to work on the 4th of July, or even just to highlight the fact you’ll be open on the holiday. 

The colonies are quite rowdy today

the colonies are quite rowdy today meme

A 4th of July meme from a different (British) perspective. 

This one is a funny take on the party nature of 4th of July celebrations and uses a stern image of the Queen of England as a juxtaposition. 

Unlike other memes on this list, you can’t really change the wording of this meme otherwise people likely won’t recognize it as a 4th of July meme.

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Grill all the things

independence day meme

BBQs and food are obviously big parts of 4th of July celebrations, so it’s not surprising there are plenty of memes associated with food. 

If you sell food or BBQs, these memes make for great potential additions to your marketing campaigns.

The rest of your 4th of July marketing

You can either copy and paste the memes from this page or create your own memes using a service like imgflip or Canva.

Unfortunately there’s more to succeeding with your marketing than just finding and using funny memes. 

Thankfully, we also have a list of 4th of July marketing ideas that you can check out for inspiration along with a collection of 4th of July quotes you can use in your marketing copy.

And for your email marketing, we also have a collection of 4th of July emails for inspiration and a list of 4th of July subject lines to go with them.

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